Thursday, May 3, 2012

#2 Get OUT of your comfort zone

I am starting something new today...sand volleyball.

First, let me just answer your number one question that I know is in your head right, I am not wearing a bikini top or booty shorts.  Did the booty shorts in high school volleyball and trust me...that was enough for me.

Sand volleyball is not in my circle of comfort.  I like the game.  I think it is a great sport to watch on tv.  Me playing it on actual sand is a bit of a stretch.

Do you know how many years it has been since I have played?  Way too many!  I'll be honest.  I have some nerves and questions.

My nerves...I'm hoping that I will remember how to bump, set and spike.  Some of my main concerns at the moment are for my arm.  I've really been battling some injuries with that lately and I just hope it will be ok.  Can I even overhand serve?  Not sure.  I guess I will find out tonight.  I also don't really like to get dirty and feel sand in my toes or anywhere else.  I am sure that I will adjust and be just fine and learn to love playing in the sand again just like I did when I was a kid. you wear knee pads in sand volleyball (I went out and bought some last night just in case you do)?  Do you even wear shoes?  Is it going to rain during our practice tonight?  Sand + rain = a yucky mess.  Am I going to break a nail?  (Yes, I did think this earlier.  My nails are now all cut)

When I started strength training...a.k.a. lifting weights, seriously, I had a lot of nerves and a lot of questions.  What were the main reasons why I was nervous? Well, I didn't know how to use the equipment and I didn't want to look like a fool in front of all of those people.  If you look back on my blogs when I started strength training I do talk about it a little bit here and here and here.  The second one really goes into it more than the other two, especially as I entered phase 2 of the program I was on.

Going back and reading that third one reminds me how far I really have come and how far out of my comfort zone I have ventured.

  • My max deadlift back in November was the maximum amount of weights in the women's area of our gym.  That is 70 lbs using two dumbbells that are 35 pounds each.  I am doing 50+ more pounds than that now and using a barbell instead and way more reps.
  • I was petrified of using the cable machines, weights and barbells in the big area of the gym.  I would review my workout over and over the night before, play things through my mind and just be nervous for how it was going to all work.  Now, I use those machines all the time.  I feel more and more comfortable grabbing weights and using them.  I still like to go work in a specific part of the gym that is a little bit more secluded but it does help me focus a lot better there rather than be right out in the open.  I just get everything that I need all ready and do my own little circuit right there.  
Tonight I will be stepping out of my comfort zone, again.  If I stop testing those borders I am guessing that I will stop progressing, I will stop achieving goals that I have for myself and I will stop being motivated to be healthy.

What have you done lately that is out of your comfort zone?

Update...the sand was great. I will be a bit site in areas in the morning. And, my arms look like I was in a fight. Bruises are on the way. It was fun though! Watch out...I have a killer serve :)

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