Friday, November 18, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 18th

I have been told (by some) that I am sassy at times.  Just an FYI...this may be a sassy post.  As you are reading this, think of a sassy tone.

On Monday morning I was working very hard at the gym.  I think all of the workouts are really hard that I have to do but day #2 works some muscles that are probably my weakest.  I'm pulling things next to my head, I'm trying to do different types of planks, I've got these ropes that I'm holding on to that I have to pull from my head area down to my opposite is very strenuous and my body is exhausted by the end of the workout.

In the middle of this workout or around rep number 3...a "regular" in spin class came up to me and said (word for word), "is that all you are doing today?"

I am dripping with sweat, literally, and you have the nerve to ask me that question?  Not only that...but at 5:45am?  Seriously?!?  I have been working my butt off since 5:10am.

Here is a picture of what my shirt looked like when I was done...just as proof that I was working as hard as I could.  Notice...the back color of the shirt is the same as the dark colors in the front.  The dark colors...that is all sweat.

Today I had a different conversation with some very nice women in the locker room.

Yesterday I was chatting with someone about Thanksgiving...talking about driving through Wisconsin (where all the deer live that I am terrified of) and how we were heading to Rockford.  One of the women that always seems to get ready to leave as I am heading out came up to me this morning and asked if I was going to Rockford.  She must have overheard my chit chat from yesterday.  We continued our conversation and it turns out she knows my hometown because she grew up in Ames, IA but she went to the University of Iowa (Boo).  Her mother-in-law lived in Rockford and she remembered going there for the first time for a Thanksgiving.  Small world.

Then, another lady started in on our conversation.  This lady brings in some of her own workout equipment in one of those very cute boxes that has circles on it from one of those in-home parties where you can buy bags.  It is all so cute!  She works hard and is all over the gym.  She had a son that went to Iowa as well.  I tried to put out some Cyclone vs. Hawkeye banter but they didn't seem to quite get it :)

At the end of our little chat I was asked if I played sports in college because I seem to know how to work the machines and equipment in the gym.  Although that statement from this lady did give me a boost of some confidence, my answer was the truth.  Nope.  I would have liked to add that I was one of those that warmed the bench in high school but yet still got punished by running laps and killers when our team lost a game, but I kept that to myself.

Have I learned a little bit more about the equipment at the gym and how to use it?  Yep.  Am I more confident than I was 3 weeks ago.  Definitely.  Am I 100% confident in what I am doing?  No.  I think if I do get to the point where I am too comfortable it is just going to mean that I am falling into more of a routine and I'm not really pushing myself.  There is always going to be something to learn, something to read, and different things to try.  I read some great websites today and saw some great videos of what people are doing at the gym.  This upcoming week I hopefully will find a few that I can stick on here so you can enjoy them as well.

For now...I'll leave ya with this.

This has been my motto lately and I seem to always make this happen.  I probably don't even look very cute at 5am when I enter the gym but I know that when I am done with my workout, I have no ounce of cuteness at all :)  Just take another peak at that shirt in the picture above...nothing cute about that.

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