Friday, November 18, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 17th

Yes, this is a day late.  Life happens.

Here was my life yesterday...just so you can see what I do everyday (and maybe give a little grace to the stay at home, working at home, mom of three kids)...

  • 4:30am...get my body up and out of my nice warm bed
  • 5:00am...out the door and headed to the gym, with my post workout items and food and enough water and Gatorade so I don't get dehydrated (that is funny :)
  • Day 3 of Week 3 workout including stretches.  
  • 6:45am...workout done!  Time to hit the showers.
  • 7:05am...out the doors, into the cold and drive back home.
  • care kids start arriving.
  • kids are off to school.
  • 8:30am...finally...I get breakfast!  I am starving!!!
  • 8:40am...other day care kids are off to school.
  • Rest of the work day...taking care of kids, feeding them multiple times, changing diapers, cleaning up toys, messes, tables, floors, working on paperwork for various parts of day care and try to stay on my food schedule as well.  I am also anxiously awaiting a visit from the state so I seem to be doing more and more cleaning each day just to make sure I'm not missing something.  I also have to double check areas of the house after the kids leave since my kids don't always like to follow the rules of what can be left out and what can't.  (They are kids...what do you expect!)
  • 4:00pm...start getting supper ready for my family.
  • kids get home, I work on homework with my kiddos, talk about kids that are bothering them at school and how we can handle that and keep the day care kids busy.
  • care kids gone.
  • sits down to eat our meal.
  • 6:00pm...out the door with the two oldest to go to conferences for school (kids are doing great!  Had a great chat with teachers about a kid that is bothering Micah...we will see what happens with that.)
  • 7:45pm...back home, get kids ready for bed, finish up spelling tests and practicing for the next day.
  • 8:00pm...Micah hits his head really hard and gets a big bump.  Extra hugs and kisses are needed and a few extra stops down to see mom and dad while he is still hurting.
  • 8:50pm...clothes are folded, kitchen is not cleaned up and I still have work to do.  I'm too tired to do it though and know I need to get ready for bed.
  • 9:10pm...remember that the tooth fairy needs to visit Micah.  He lost his tooth at school and put it under his pillow.  The tooth fairy at our house leaves glitter where it goes and gives a dollar for each, off to find the glitter.
  • bed and ready to sleep.
If I don't get my workout in during the morning, you can see that I don't really have any other time to get that "me" time.  My day is pretty packed full of work, school activities, helping the kids or doing things for my family.  

I was also really craving junk food today.  I would have loved a huge, chocolate brownie.  I did not eat one...but I still would have loved one!  I am now on day 3 of no Diet Pepsi in the house too.  There was a very brief moment where I would have loved to just grab one but since I didn't have one, I couldn't.  

For my workout yesterday I did 4 sets of the following...
  • lateral squat
  • push ups using a bench
  • dumbbell push press (I tried increasing the weight on this...I'm not ready.  This was probably funny to watch as I was trying to lift up 20 lb weights with each arm over my head.  I got to rep 5 though)
  • cable reverse wood chop
  • four point supine bridge
  • hard as I could on the bike for 15 seconds and then backed off for 45 seconds.  Did this 8 times.  (I did the bike because my hip was even hurting on the elliptical).
  • I also did some hip machines to try to help my hip get back where it needs to be.  It's not there yet but is getting a little bit closer each day.  Not sure what I did exactly to make it get out of wack by it is pretty messed up right now.  I just hope that I can get it back to normal before we get on the road next week.  

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