Jessica's Journey

Almost 2 years ago I was in so much pain that I was crawling up our stairs. Each step I took was a surge of pain through my back, hips and legs. I was ready for help.

I had an injury in my si joint from my pregnancies with the kiddos. According to the weight standards that are set for human beings...I was in the obese category as well.

When you see your weight fall into the category that says "obese" it doesn't send happy thoughts through your head.

If you are familiar with the Wii you know that you have to take a few moments to make your Mii. If you have ever experienced your Mii getting larger in front of your eyes and then saying "ohhh" as the scale reads your know that not only are you truly in the obese category but your own Mii is embarrased by you.

The weight starting coming off slowly and it was hard to figure out the time and a way to even workout. I joined a gym and was semi-dedicated to attending (as long as my friends were showing up too).

Over these past years I have not only lost about 60 pounds but have learned a few other important tidbits about life.
1) Everyone can find time to exercise. Hello! I am a mom of 3 kids. I run a day care and work 50 hours a week. My kids are involved in activities, I have a husband and also volunteer in many different areas. If this busy mom can find time...anyone can find time. The question really is, "Do you want to make the time?"
2) Accountable to myself. For many months I expected friends to meet me at the gym. I needed that extra motivation to get me out of bed in the morning and get my workout done in the morning. A few of my friends couldn't even get into the gym without me since they were coming with me for free. Eventually I was the only one still going to the gym. Do I stop going to the gym too just because I don't have anyone to meet me there? Do I keep going and push to achieve the goals that I set for myself?
3) Change is good. Not only have I changed some numbers on the scale but I have changed most of my wardrobe too! For a girl, shopping can always be fun...or at least I thought. It took many shopping trips to figure out what size I was, what I could wear, what style I could wear...all as my body was changing. I bought clothes and then 2 months later I could no longer wear it. Yes, it was a good problem to have and I gave most of my clothes away to others that needed them. Change in clothes isn't the only thing that is great though...the energy level that changes is amazing! I could hardly get enough energy to get out of bed and be ready for work in the morning at 7:30am. Today...I am up no later than 5am and come home from the gym full of energy (and sometimes with a funny joke...well, at least something I think is funny).
4) Mental Challenge. Feel like you want to sleep in today? Don't think that you can run 1 more minute on the treadmill? Getting your mind in the game is key to success. As I was at spin class the other day the spin instructor mentioned how she sees lots of people who "go to the gym". But, there is a difference between "going to the gym" and "working out at the gym". If your mind is ready, you will be "working out". If you start to second guess yourself or aren't fully ready to change then you will either just make excuses or you could be at the gym but not fully there.

My next part of my journey is to figure out the balance of eating healthier and getting stronger. This is the first time that I have gotten help from someone other than the physical therapist that I had to help me with my injury. I am ready for this step. I am ready to see change. I am ready for this journey.

I will be posting on this blog updates on what my progress is, information about exercises I will be doing as well as new foods that I will be trying.

I hope that this will not only keep me accountable but also inspire others to challenge themselves.