Thursday, November 17, 2011

There once was a family

There once was a family that had 3 kids.  Let's just say that their names are Midney, Suinn and Qicah.  (No, I don't know how to pronounce those.)

For the first few years, the family got pictures taken... the family got pictures taken for Midney when she was 1 and probably even when she was 2, and each year from them on thanks to her being in preschool and then school.  Qicah got some pictures taken...maybe not as many as Midney.  Suinn...let's talk about Suinn.

Suinn is a child that doesn't like getting his picture taken.  Suinn got his picture taken 2 years ago and the family was traumatized and didn't want to go back to get his picture taken.  The only way that Suinn would smile was when he threw a chair across the very small, Target store studio.  This wasn't the first time that we tried though.  See, Suinn threw such a fit and tantrum the first time that we tried we were asked to try to come back again at a later date.  We got one picture of him with a smile when we went back the second was just after he threw that chair.  Suinn is the reason why "family picture" talk makes some of the adults start to break out in hives.  

This family went on a limb this year and tried again.  There was some hesitation, some nervousness about how Suinn would behave.  Thanks to a few great photographers, a great setting and a beautiful day in October, we got a few photos to share...opps...the family in the story has a few photos to share :)

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