Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 16th

Wednesday is date night for Chris and I.  It has been about 9 years since we have been able to go on a date without having to cut food for little ones, deal with tantrums while we are out or try to figure out where to change a dirty diaper while we are out or pay for a babysitter.

So, when you eat out, do you know how many calories, fat and other yummy things are consumed?

If you want to even glance at what you might have been eating, or what your favorite fast food meal can look it up on this website, CalorieKing.  (I'm sure there are others that do a great job reporting what the nutritional value is of what we are consuming at restaurants...this is just the one of many that I found)

I put in one of our favorite burgers that we eat at Culver's.  Not only did I find out that I was consuming over 400 calories just from the burger and bun itself but...I was told what I would need to do in order to burn those calories that I just consumed.

Want to burn these calories?

To burn 421 calories, you could do any of the following: 2
  • 117 mins of walking
  • 48 mins of jogging
  • 35 mins of swimming
  • 64 mins of cycling

 Now your challenge...go figure out how many calories you ate the last time you went out to eat. 

Today I did not go to the was my day to rest.  I was thinking I would go and just do some simple rowing and some machines to get my hip back to where it needs to go.  My hip was still bothering me when I got up to leave.  Since I didn't want to make it worse I didn't do a workout today.

I am ready for Thursday though!  I still have a little bit of pain but it isn't as bad as it was on Monday and Tuesday.  I am going to do a machine at the gym that will help put things back where they need to go when I start my workout in the morning.  I'll be good to go!

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