Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 15th

With Thanksgiving being just about a week away my mind is already spinning...  Should I even try to sneak in a run while we are traveling or just skip things for a few days?  What will I be eating?  Can I limit myself on different Thanksgiving foods and treats or should I just splurge a little bit over the holiday?  While we are traveling, what will I bring so I can try to stay on track with my food choices?

I have been working really hard at watching what I eat these past few days.  I recently wrote that I wasn't eating like a bunny.  I have to say that now, I am eating like a bunny.  One of the suggestions for eating is not to have any starchy carbs after breakfast and/or only have them after a workout.  My workout is at 5am and I eat breakfast at about 7:30am.  No starchy carbs the rest of the day!  Seriously?  Well, the answer is "yes" and I am still trying to figure that all out.

There is a chart that I have to fill out each day to see if I am on track will the different nutritional guidelines that are in place for me.  I am still keeping my food journal too...so I am doing a lot better with this than I thought I would.  The food aspect of getting healthy is probably my biggest struggle at the moment.  I am trying to make sure that I eat when I am hungry though.  My stomach starts to growl and I know that I am hungry.  There were years in my life when I didn't remember what it was like to have my stomach growl.

One big thing for me that I have done is...(drum roll) I no longer have Diet Pepsi in the house.  I know that there weren't any calories in these but I wasn't drinking these because I needed to, I was drinking these because it was habit.  I will probably still have pop at restaurants but that isn't very often and that can be my one luxury as I eat a salad or some chicken entree rather than a cheeseburger and fries combo.

So...are you ready for the holidays and all the eating that we will be doing soon?  There is a quiz at www.sparkpeople.com that can help you figure out if you truly are smart about the calories you consume during the holidays. (Sparkpeople.com is a great site to help you with your weight loss journey!  I used it a lot and still read the articles from this site.)   Click here to take the quiz.  Good luck!

My workout today...I did go to the gym but didn't do too much.  After yesterday and hurting my leg I tried to just do things to help my leg and also to figure out a little bit what might be wrong.  I think that I irritated my hip somehow and actually ended up going back to an exercise that I did when I started PT that helped get my hip back to where it should be.  I lay on the floor and Chris holds my knees while I push out as hard as I can against his hands.  I do this a few times and then switch...he then puts his hands on the inside of my knees and he tries to keep me from moving them as I try to push them together.  When it works, I can hear a pop.  Guess what...it popped!  Chris even heard it and I think he got grossed out a bit :)  (Thanks for helping me!)  I did run a few days ago and also a little bit this morning and I am sure that those actions just helped move things out of place a bit.  It has been over a year since I have had to do that exercise but I also have been doing some other machines at the gym to help keep things in place.  I haven't done those in the gym in a few weeks though...maybe even about 2 or 3 months ago.  This step backwards just reminds me that I need to listen to my body and still continue doing those exercises regardless of how I am feeling.  Listen to my body, listen to my body...I gotta keep doing that!

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