Monday, April 30, 2012

May Challenge...who is up for it?

I've been working with a group of ladies that are wanting to make a change in their life...the healthy way.  This group is working with Jeff Burbank also and we had our first month of exercises and list of things to eat and not to eat.  The changes are to be made gradually...because if you change everything all at once you really will just come crashing back to all the old, bad habits that got you where you are in the first place.

I recently sent them a note and gave these women a challenge.
Challenge for May:  write down 1 thing that you tried to change in the month of April and share it with the group.  Each week in May try to make 1 additional change.  Share two of those with the group.

This challenge was not only to help keep them going and thinking about this healthy journey but also to keep me accountable.

Here is what I have to report to the group:

In April I worked hard at getting in more protein.  I really wanted to increase this quite a bit.  Best way for me to do that is by protein shakes.  I really was slacking on these and needed to get back into the groove of putting this in my meals again.  On my workout days I had a protein shake at least 90% of the time within an hour of my workout.  I've tried within 10 minutes of my workout and right now the best I can do is within an hour.  On my non-workout days (which is 1 or 2 days a week) I rarely have them.

2 changes that I want to make for May:
1)  No more Trader Joe's All Butter Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Filling.  None.  I can not buy these anymore!  These are a huge weakness for me and I seriously have no trouble eating the entire container.  If I buy it...I eat it.  To step it up just a little bit I am actually not going to buy any Trader Joe's or other stores baked goods or cookies this month.  The only exception is if my family wants some and it is a kind that I know I won't eat.
2) Take my vitamins.  I've been slacking on these and I have no idea why.  It's not like taking a vitamin is tough work.  :)  It's all about consistency though and developing this habit.  If I get into a routine I will be fine.  As soon as my routine is interrupted I just forget.  It's those times when our schedule isn't normal or the same where I need to watch so I don't get thrown off.

What is one thing that you did well in April?

What are two things that you are going to work on changing in May?

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