Friday, April 27, 2012

Gym Work Ethic vs. Listening


This may seem like an easy thing for most people but for me, I have had to figure out this listening concept the hard way.

My body gives me clues as to what it needs to eat, what I need to do or not do at the gym and how hard I should be working.  I am continuing to listen as I know my body struggles to catch a breath at times.  I think I may have started to figure that part since I haven't been as sick as I was in the past and don't rely on my inhaler as much as I used to.

At the gym...I am used to routine.  I don't like change very much when it comes to mixing up what I am doing at the gym.  I have my to-do list and I will do it.  I won't vary from it much.  I will work really hard at what I am supposed to do and what was asked of me.  Let's call it...gym work ethic.

This week I had to stop though and listen.  My body was giving me some pretty big warning signals that I needed to take a break and just back off on the intensity a bit.  Here is what I was experiencing:

  • increased pain in my right elbow
  • pain in my right knee
  • headaches each morning
  • tired a lot
  • times where my chest was tightening and I was needing my inhaler more during my workouts
  • sharp shoulder pain as I moved in one specific way
I pulled back.  I let myself sleep in a little bit more.  I stopped doing all arm exercises until the pains go away.  I started taking some meds to get the inflammation down.  I've been at the gym but I am going at a lot slower pace and going back to more leg and core workouts and HIIT on the bike than I was previously.  

Things are starting to get better and hopefully next week I can try and see if my arms can get back to strength training again.  

Workout today:
Since I didn't do arm work today I did get to do the glute hip thrusts again this morning.  Guess what I got to today?  245 pounds.  I actually had to add it up twice because I wasn't sure if I had the right amount the first time.  :)  I'm on my way towards that next goal of 315 lbs.  I just have to see how high I can really go first.  I am thinking that 245 is almost the max at what I can do at this moment.  I know I have a little wiggle room still though...not sure how much more...but I know I can lift a little bit more than 245.  After I accomplished that this morning I was going around and thinking..."I could glute hip thrust that".  Cocky...I know.  (give me my moment though...I don't ask for many)  Proud...yes I was!

It's an awesome feeling.  One that I highly recommend for any woman!  I wish I could just get a bull horn sometimes and scream out to those that think cardio is their saving grace for burning calories.  Cardio is not the key, people!  

Women...don't be scared of the weights.  They are fun!  Yes, you do have to get over that initial thought that everyone will be looking at you and you do have to learn some new things.  There is a learning curve with everything though.  Watch videos, hire a trainer, have a friend show you, watch others that are using the machines...however you make it work for you just remember that you can do it.  If I can lift weights with my of the areas in my body that at one time was the weakest and required weeks of physical can too!


Michelle Heilskov said...

I have no idea what a Glute Hip Thrust is and not even sure you should be doing that in public (haha)but either way 245# is worth bragging about!

Jessica said...

We can do it the next time we meet at the gym :) The Glute Hip Thrust is one of my favorites to do but it is pretty awkward. I like to hide in that side room that we were in and try to think that no one is watching me.

Good job this morning! Glad we could meet up and do day 1 together. Next time my arm will probably feel better so I can do more with you.