Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Few Cute Tidbits About the Kids...

Our summer has about a month left...and I am not quite ready for the kids to go back to school.  Today I am just enjoying their cute little sayings, their words that they say that sometimes that are unique to them and their innocent thoughts. are a few cute tidbits about my kids that I am thinking about today...

Someday my middle child will make a great husband.  Why?  Micah is in charge of emptying the dryer and putting in the wet clothes.  He does a great job with this!  He does such a great job that he even knows to take out my bras and let them air dry.  He doesn't even ask anymore...he just takes them out automatically.

Sidney is in that in-between stage...wants to be a kid but knows that some things that the kids are doing are just too young for her.  She has taken a babysitting class and she would love to be babysitting right now...if we let her.  She already has families picked out that she knows she could help out with babysitting.  We have let her babysit the boys while we run to the store quickly or while Chris and I have to be at two different places but have 10 to 15 minutes where the time overlaps and one of us can't get back home in time.  Her quote to me one time..."take your time mom, I'll watch the boys."

Quinn is enjoying his first sport of the year...T-ball.  He is swinging like a pro.  He actually thinks that once he is done playing T-ball that he will then be playing for the Twins.  Quinn is also our sweaty child.  He plays outside for 10 minutes and his hair is soaking wet.  It is so gross and so boy.  Mix that in with some dust, dirt and sand and you have quite the picture of a boy that needs a bath pretty much every day.

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