Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Updated Goals

Recently I wrote an e-mail to a friend that has been really working hard at the gym.  Her arms are more defined and toned, she appears to have lost a lot of weight but the scale is playing it tough with her and not wanting to move.  We talk a lot about what we have done or did at the gym that day but not really about goals.  So...I shared my goals with her and was curious what her goals were.  Here is what I wrote:

I have long term and short term goals. I hope at some point I can make the long term goals but they really are far away...like a year, two or more. The short term ones help me get to those goals. 

One of mine is being able to do 1 chin up without help. I am about 80 pounds away from that. I know it will be over a year before I can get to that but I am trying. I will get there at some point.  

I also want to be able to deadlift my weight. I am about 40 pounds away from getting to *** (I can't tell you my weight :)  . I've started using the big, big bar that weighs more so I am doing those out in the big area. These are so tough but I can do 155 pounds at 10 reps so I can probably get to 170 at one rep if I tried, maybe more. I don't want to hurt my back though trying to go too high if I'm not ready for it.  (Just this morning I did 175 pounds at 6 reps...so, time to reset that short term goal and realize the long term goal may not be that far off anymore)

Push Presses. I can now do 50 pounds easily. I do need to go to 60 pounds probably next time. I would LOVE to be able to push press 80 pounds by Christmas. That would be so cool  (That's a big goal for me...I have not tried to do 60 pounds in about 2 months but I will try next week)

The problem with these (the above goals) is that the weights are getting heavier so I am having to stay out in the big area. Carrying those weights to other rooms is not only heavy but also pretty ridiculous.  This means that I know I am getting stronger but that I am also having to face those insecurities of being around the men. 

Hip thrusts.  I do want to be able to get to 100 pounds with the shoulder hip thrusts. So far I have done 60 pounds.  I have done 225 pounds just doing the thrusts while my shoulders were on the floor (I actually told my friend I did 255 but I was wrong...I might have to see if I can actually do that now since I told her the wrong amount). The shoulder ones are harder but they really work your butt! If you want your butt muscles to get toned...do those.

Generally...I want to make sure that I am staying balanced with my training. Example...I know I can lift heavy with my legs. I did 298 on the leg press the other day. (328 this morning!) My hamstrings though...not as strong. I need to make sure I am doing something for the front side and the back side of whatever I am working on if I choose to do something other than what is on my planned workout.  

Protein...yes, it is important! The days when I lift and I make a protein smoothie for after the workout I can totally tell a difference. Hardly hungry all day. At supper though I think I need more protein. I am so hungry then, I eat lots of good stuff but then I am hungry an hour later or less.  It is almost like clockwork.  I need to figure that out and see why.  Maybe I need to eat more during the day?  That is one of my short term goals...figure out this eating this and get that protein in.

One of my other goals is to just not fall on the treadmill.  I've done enough of that.  :) 

I am off from the gym for a few days.  Chris is off with Sid to a missions trip until Sunday night...so no gym for me while he is gone.  I will also be heading to my hometown for a wedding this weekend.  Should be fun!  I thought about trying to run outside while I was there but I know that they have snakes.  :)  I am going tonight to pick up a few special items for one of my friends...Tabby.  I am excited to try a few new things that I can do at home with kettle bells.  I'm thinking I may even have an early morning workout on my deck...with my coffee right next to me. 

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