Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Tree & Mr. Silly

We ventured out of the house the other day to get our Christmas tree.  It is usually our tradition to get this after we return from our Thanksgiving travels.  Unfortunately, Quinn and I were pretty sick when we wanted to go so we had to wait until this weekend.

A storm was headed our way on Saturday so we got the tree just as the snow was starting to fall.  It was very pretty...driving over to Walmart North parking lot, passing Gander Mountain and finding our parking spot just across the street from Kwik Trip.  Ok, it might have been a little bit better if we were actually walking through a forest or a place that had trees we could cut ourselves but this works for us.  Plus, we had a coupon!  :)

The tree is up and we seem to have a leak somewhere in our tree stand so we delayed decorating until we knew that our tree was safe and secure and watertight.

Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

And...then the storm hit.  In about 2 hours we got enough sticky, wet snow to build things...and it kept snowing and we now have about 5 inches of snow.   Here is some of the snow that we got and the snowman (Mr. Silly Snowman) that Sid and the neighbor built that afternoon.

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