Monday, December 5, 2011

Sid & the ice

Sid is part of a group called AHG.  It is a lot like Girl Scouts but is Christian based and is run through churches.  (If you have a daughter you should see if there is a group in your area...great group!  There are 3 in Rochester now)

The AHG group has outings and fun activities for the girls and one of those was ice skating at one of the rinks that we have in town.  (Hockey is pretty big here so yes, we do have more than 1 rink...I think I even saw a hockey mom that I know while we were skating and at least one of her little men...#9)

Last year we also went to this event and Sid was crying on the ice because she was so scared and she just didn't want to fall.

This year, she went around the ice with "the helper" (which looks just like a walker) three times and then we went around together for about another 45 minutes.  My hands, and hers, were very sweaty from holding on to eachother.  We got out to the middle of the ice a few times and for at least the last 20 minutes she wasn't holding on to a wall at all.  She did great and was very confident in herself by the end of our skating.  She even tried letting go of me AND the wall a few times.  We had a really fun time!

Here are a few pictures of her.  The first is towards the beginning of our skating.  She is looking a bit nervous and was trying to figure out how to balance with "the helper".

This is at the end.  Look at her smile!  Sid is with one of her best friends...Skylar.  Skylar is a great friend to Sid and saved "the helper" for her at the beginning while we got our skates on.  

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