Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rest here

It is a mandatory rest day for me.  That gym this morning and no exercising with the kids today.  :(  It makes me a bit on the sad side.

My body is telling me that it is a little bit on the screwed up side and today I am just going to try to figure out how to make the feelings of dizziness, lightheaded and nauseous go away after I eat something.

I've decided (and yes, this was with a bit of google Rx advice) that I either am:

  1. not eating enough based on my workout intensity level, 
  2. not drinking enough water
  3. not getting enough sleep
  4. my blood sugar is just wacked out and I need to eat a little bit more of the good carbs 
#1  My workouts have increased this week quite a bit and it could very well be the reason for my body going crazy.  I did deadlifts galore the other day and that is not only intense physically but mentally.  (I usually do between 20 to 30 deadlifts at a time...I did 127 different types of deadlifts in one morning)  I do eat quite a bit and feel like I eat all the time but it still probably not enough.  One thing that I have a hard time with is eating more if I already feel full.  When you lift weights you are burning calories all day long and your metabolism is working extra this could be the issue.  Plan more food that is good for me.  This might mean that I open up a can of green beans and just eat those or pop in a bag of vegetables in the microwave so I have something quick and easy.  I don't have lots of time to make food during the day but these are quick and easy options for me.  I am also going to be making smoothies again with fruits and veggies and protein powder and see if that helps.  I always felt good after I ate those and they are good for you too!

#2  I think I'm drinking enough water but just to make sure...I am being very conscious about it.  I have decided that I won't be buying any more pop to keep at the house for myself.  I have about 10 cans left of Diet Pepsi and then they will be gone.  I felt better when I wasn't drinking it so although it pains me to say goodbye I know that it is a must.  I will save the pop drinking for the dining out experience if I am truly wanting to drink a carbonated beverage.

#3  Sleep...yeah, I don't do much of that.  I should work on that.  I think about going to bed at about 9pm but my kids just went to bed.  I've been up since 4:35am and I finally have a moment with no children to take care of or work with.  This is my only "me" time (other than the gym) and sometimes I just need to fold the laundry and watch a show that is not always appropriate for little ears or eyes.  I do need to work on sleeping though.  I know this.  I also have a little person in our house who doesn't always sleep the best.  I am hoping that after April 1st we will be back to children sleeping all night again (our little one is having surgery after he recovers and is pain free we will be close to April.

#4  This is a very real possibility.  It pains me but I am trying to eat more carbs...not the bad ones...but the good ones.  I have kept my carb intake very low and I know that it is lower than the average person.  No bread, no pasta, no chocolate :( has been tough and my body was ok with it and working hard to get the fat off.  I became a person that started saying, "wow, that is really rich (or sugary)".  My body may just be telling me that it is time to eat a little bit more of the good carbs and based on how much I lift weights it might be time to increase the protein and carbs a little bit more in a good ratio.  

UPDATE:  It's my blood pressure...again.  I am changing all of the above.  Today is better than yesterday and I can actually eat something without feeling sick right away.  

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