Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Williams Style

Some may call it lame.  Others may call it pathetic.  For is called "family time".

New Year's Eve came and the kids were excited!  They had planned on staying up ALL night so they could watch the ball drop.

Micah made his own ball to drop.  He used
rubberbands that he tied together and a bouncy ball
and had it go down just like the crystal ball.
The kids almost made it!  Quinn fell asleep at about 11:30pm and Micah and Sid fell asleep at about 11:50pm.  I tried waking them up but they just missed the New Year actually starting here in the midwest.

We did get to watch the ball drop for the East Coast though and the kids thought it was pretty awesome.  Not sure that they thought Jenny M. was awesome but the ball...that was very cool to them.

Sidney also made some special treats for us...cake pops.  She did a really good job and they were one of the few treats that I let myself eat over the holiday.

Midnight came and went...and I got to carry Quinn up to his bed.  He is a heavy little, snoring, dude!

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