Friday, December 28, 2012

Why do tonsils do that?

Our little guy, Quinn, is just not a good sleeper.

In the last couple of months he likes to wake up either several times in the night or at least once.  He is a very loud snoring machine and sometimes I can hear him in our living room when he is sleeping upstairs.  Quinn has also had a few issues when he has had a cold lately.  One night in particular you could hear his breathing being changed because everything was just swollen and air wasn't passing through as it needed to.  That was a night where I propped him up and held him most of the night...a bit on the scary side too.  I've also noticed...but wasn't really paying much attention to it until now...that the sound of his voice is different.  He is sounding more congested but he doesn't have a cold.

The last few times we went to FastCare (the kids call it SlowCare...because sometimes it takes forever) the different doctors that we saw mentioned that Quinn seemed to have rather large tonsils.

My response the first time was, "Ok".  Seriously, what was I supposed to do with that information?

When we went another time and the same comment was made by a different doctor it started to get me thinking.  When the comment was also followed by, "you may want to think about taking him in to be seen about those tonsils" I then realized that these comments were more of medical observations that really meant...your son has humongous tonsils and they need to come out.

Today Quinn went to his actual doctor...we waited for an eternity...and then got the prognosis that I guessed was coming.  Quinn has humongous tonsils and they need to come out...most likely.  We have to follow the next step though and go to ENT in January to get their opinion since they have the final say.

Here is what Quinn has and it sums up pretty much all of Quinn's symptoms:
Tonsillar Hypertrophy

  • varying degrees of disturbed sleep which may include:
  • loud snoring
  • irregular breathing
  • nocturnal choking and coughing (only when he has a cold does he choke)
  • frequent awakenings
  • sleep apnea
  • dysphagia
Daytime hypersomnolence is also a symptom that may occur or happen when a person is recovering from an illness.  Quinn did have this when he was getting over his last cold and had symptoms that were very similar to mono...slept all the time and would just fall asleep and take a nap on the floor in the middle of the day.  It was so strange but it wasn't mono...we had him tested for that.  
January 23rd we should know what the next step is for our little guy.  
If he has surgery does that mean we all get to eat ice cream for a week?  :)

Here is a picture of what tonsils look like.  Number 1 is pretty normal.  Number 4 is the worst and has more than 75% of the airway blocked.  Number 3 has between 50% and 75% of the airway blocked by the tonsils.  Quinn is at number 3 on a normal day when he isn't sick.  The back of his throat looks identical to grade 3+.

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