Monday, December 31, 2012

Our last day of 2012

What did you do on your day off?

Here is a glimpse of what we did (or I should say, what Chris did).

At one point today you couldn't get in or out of our house even if you wanted to.  We had a cabinet, a floor full of nails and a sink all over the front entry...including all of our traveling stuff that we had from our trip to Iowa.  We got home pretty late last night and we didn't feel like putting it away.  It really was quite a lovely site.  :)  

As Chris was gutting the kids' bathroom I was working with the kids to get all the Christmas stuff down and cleaned the carpets.  All of the furniture was in the eat-in part of our kitchen.  There was a couch, an end table, a recliner, another little table and all of the day care stuff that we use for naps plus all of our kitchen stuff.  It was pure chaos in our house today.  The kids even had to eat on the floor for lunch because there wasn't a spot to sit.

We are finally getting our upstairs bathrooms into the current century.  At the moment we have the tile in and Chris did such a great job!  It still will get some grout but it is so much better than the ugly linoleum that we used to have.

We have paint, cabinet, vanity, mirror and lighting left.  We still have some items to go get and that is on our to-do's for the first day of the year.  Can't wait to have this done for the upstairs!  Just one more bathroom after that and we will have all three back in the right era.

The boys got their hair cut the other day and Micah had a little bit of a faux hawk.  He thought it was so cool...we had to take a picture.  :)  Someone had to get in the picture too.

Happy New Year!

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