Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The most popular question asked

One question I get asked more than probably any other is..."how do you get motivated to get to the gym?"

Music.  I also know that if I don't exercise I will just go back to being the same weight that I was...and that's not gonna happen, so, I just have to get up and go each day.

On those cold mornings though when I would rather stay under my warm covers, I need additional motivation.  Nothing motivates me more than music.  I am just wired that way.

If I am messing with my phone while it is attached to my arm and standing in front of the squat rack...I am just waiting for that extra special song to start playing so I can lift 10 more pounds than I think that I can.

One song that is in my head non-stop right now is Cease Fire by Christina Aguilera.  This isn't a song that would be great for running, at least for me.  It is a great song though to start off the morning, get your head in the right spot and in the right frame of mind.  (this would be a fun song to do a hill climb with in spin though...lots of momentum!)

Focus.  That is what I need to do each morning.

While I am at the gym I might see you, look at you, but the reality is...my mind is focused on what I am there to do.  Example...I walked right next to one of my friends the other day and she could have hit me and I am not sure that I would have noticed her right away.  I did notice her laughing at me a few minutes after I walked by...I was so focused I am not sure if she even said anything to me.

The song that I am getting ready to put on my phone for the morning is perfect for me tomorrow.  Not only does my work start up again after many glorious days of vacation with my kiddos but I have also had to have a different gym schedule and it has been lacking.  4 days without working out...I am thinking that 4:30am is going to scream at me and my body will want to scream back.

Here is to getting back into the routine, back to being a gym rat and working towards my goals.

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