Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New workout started...OUCH!

I started a new workout on Monday.  It is a 15 week series...or more if I can't get enough workouts done in a week...which may be the case for a few.


Monday was upper body.  I was using a vacuum this morning and I was almost in tears.  I didn't realize what muscles were being used in my workout until I went to use that dirt sucking machine.

I've done a lot of the exercises on my to-do list before but not with the same weight and reps that I did on Monday.  Most of these were done in 6 sets and I usually just do 2 or 3 sets because time is pretty limited.  I was supposed to really work on the weight that I used and challenge myself.  Pretty sure I did.

Day 2 is tomorrow and it is legs.  I have to teach cycling Thursday morning...hope I can walk.

One thing that I do know though is that I will be very glad that I started this workout now rather than wait 15 weeks and wish that I had started this earlier.  I won't get results if I don't work at it...and sleeping in is not working hard.

Tonight though I am going to pop some pain killers and go on a trolley ride in our town with some other women and look at Christmas lights to help celebrate one of their birthdays.  It should be fun!

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