Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few of my favorite things:

1. My couch (been on it most of the weekend sick) and blanket.
2. Mucinex
3. New workout. I'm scared to try it and it lasts a long time (15 weeks) but I will be glad I did it in the end. Not sure if I have enough energy yet for the morning but we will see.
4. Target burgers with bacon in them. Pretty sure I ate two of those.
5. Ok...basically any meat grilled. (Meat to me means nothing that used to swim or live in water. Little Mermaid ruined me I think)
6. My kiddos and the stable home my hubby and I provide for them. This world is pretty crazy and until people realize we need to start actually reaching out to help people, violence will still happen like it did on Friday. Our world is screaming for help, not more laws or control on different things...actual one on one human contact where people talk face to face and listen to one another.
7. The chance to serve others. I'm not going to list what we do but am actively working on helping our kids to understand what it means to serve others. Today the kids dropped off toys that are going to other kids and they used their own money for these purchases. We had some tears, lots of explaining with the youngest and what seemed like an eternity shopping with them to pick out the items (on a Saturday two weekends before Christmas at Target...CRAZY!). After all the nutzo parts I think they truly understand that their gifts they gave are going to someone in this town that may not have a gift otherwise. Nothing under the tree...that is a great visual for kids.
8. The scale. I don't always like the scale and actually hardly ever use it...but...I have a goal. Today I am 1 pound from that goal. I am 9 pounds from going into my "ideal" weight ( which I doubt I've ever been in before unless I was 10). That is just pure crazy. My coat is too big, I have 1 pair of jeans that fit and yoga/workout pants are just going to be what I wear until I have time to shop by myself. Those are problems but good problems to have. :)

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