Monday, November 26, 2012

Definition of me

I am so excited! Why? Because I now know how to define what I have a passion for at the gym.


The word alone sounds crazy and quite intimidating...and yet this is what I really like to do. I am now understanding why I have staring eyes at me's because I am not doing the norm.

I have a list of sites I found that are really inspiring that I will post links to at a later date. To sum up what Ive read though today...1) If you want to get rid of some fat and get toned...lifting heavy is really the best thing to do. All the sources I will list agree. 2) Best thing about lifting...we can eat lots of good stuff at the same time! When I say lots...I mean lots of protein and veggies. Cut out the Hostess that you bought on eBay and get back to eating the way our bodies were designed to be fed. They work much better this way too. 3). You WILL NOT get bulky. I promise. I have lost inches... Not gained them.

At the moment I have one motto as I enter the gym...lift big or just go home. If I am not going to challenge myself I should just keep sleeping.

Today I increased some weights on a few exercises. Here is what I did...each twice (while you were sleeping). ;)

Back squat. 50 pound barbell/8 reps
Rfess 15 pounds each hand/8 and then 20 pounds/8

Barbell hip thrust with shoulders on bench. 50/6. (This one gets some looks)
Front squat. 50/7

Calf raises on plates. 30lb each hand/15
Sumo squat. 40 lb/8

Leg press 270 pounds plus machine of 118 pounds.

(I may be a bit sore tomorrow)

I already know what I will be increasing the next time and can't wait to see if I can increase my deadlifts weights too.

Want to join me?

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