Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm allergic to...

Yes, I really am.  I am allergic to negative people.

Negative people make my skin crawl.
Negative people make me think badly of myself.
Negative people make my attitude go from high to a very low place.
Negative people roll their eyes at me.
Negative people are just not inspiring...plain and simple.

In the last week I have had a lot of positive conversations, a lot of positive interaction with many positive people.  But...there was one conversation that just sticks in my mind and one action that this person did that is replaying in my head.

I answered a very simple question that was asked of me about my workouts.  The question was really common knowledge and really wasn't a hard one to answer at all.

As I answered the question the person rolled their eyes at me.  I saw it.

This person is supposed to be my friend and yet is not supportive at all in my choice to workout at a gym at a time that I find works for me.

Was I a little shocked?  At the beginning, no.  I brushed it off just thinking that this was more of the attitude of the person rather than their true feelings.  As I continued to think about it though (as women do) I realized that the majority of the conversation was not positive at all.  There might have been a few moments with happy feelings but I truly left that conversation with the person indicating they were done talking with me and someone else was more important to speak with.  Kindof leaves you with a feeling of yuck and "I guess I'm not important enough".  I also started thinking about my time of the day when I workout.  Is this really what I need to do?  Is this truly the best time of day for me?  Am I doing something wrong?

This IS what I need to do, for me.  This IS the best time of day for me.  And, no.  No, I am not doing anything wrong.  I am going to a gym, lifting weights, teaching classes and losing weight and dropping sizes.  The result is that I am getting entire goal with this process.

Why do I let this person continue to get in my head and fill my brain with the negativity that they are consumed with?  I am allergic to this person and I need to remember that any time I have a conversation with them.  I need to take their words with a grain of salt because the words are just meant to cut me down.  For some reason my success with my journey bothers this person.  Regardless of how this person is feeling this is my journey...MY journey.

Have you been working on a goal and found that someone is just trying to sabotage you?

As I was looking for some inspiring words to get me going for Monday morning I came across these and just had to share.  :)

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