Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Workout of the Day: Tuesday, August 21st Snore

Workout today:  Tuesday, August 21st

Part 1

I wanted to sleep in today but all I could hear was...snore.  Quinn was still congested and I knew that I wouldn't fall back asleep hearing that noise.  So, why try to sleep when I actually would just be laying there and wondering if I really should have just got up and gone to the gym?

I went to the gym.  It took me awhile to wake up and get the sleep out of my eyes but I was there.

I wanted had planned on running today, a short run, and I did as much as I could today.  My goal was to do a mile.  I did .7.  I ran a minute, walked a minute.

I was soooo tired.

I also had some pain in my hip today and when that happens I have to be careful.

After that warm-up I did the hip abductor and hip adductor machines.  When my hips are out of whack those usually help put them back in the right spot or get them close to where they should be at.  I can do quite a bit of weight on these machines but when my hips are having issues I try to do a little bit less than my norm.  Just a little bit of effort seems to help more in that case.  Trying to increase my weights or challenge myself tends to hurt me more on days like today.

The weights I did today:
machine where I push my legs out:  150 lbs/10 times   did this machine twice
machine where I push my legs in:  190 lbs/10 times  did this machine twice

Next:  row machine for 2000 meters (I think that is the measurement)

crunches (20 times)...did that twice
leg lifts (8 times) ...did that twice

Now...more coffee.  :)

Part 2
I had a less than favorable (mostly because I was tired) workout this morning so I decided to go for a short run tonight.  Here is what I did (don't judge...I'm a slow runner):
1.29 miles in 18 minutes 28 seconds.  I was able to run farther this time in spots and faster too up some of the hills I did.

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