Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day of Rest...but just from the gym

Today I am taking it easy.  Well...from the gym.

No workout for me today.  My body is tired.  I have lots of kids around me sick and my thought was that I need to make sure I take one day off so I hopefully won't catch all the nastiness that is going around.  (As I was typing this earlier I got an e-mail from the CDC stating there was an outbreak of whooping cough in our area...nice :)  Been there and had that one already!)

We are in the midst of being without a dishwasher in our home.  Let's just say this...doing day care and being a mom...this just isn't something that is fun.  I have enjoyed a few of the moments as I am washing the dishes and seeing the kids playing outside.  I have not enjoyed needing to do dishes for about 3 hours a day though.

I wrote this just a little bit ago on Facebook and thought others might enjoy it as well:
To the dishwasher repairman coming today:  I am just going to apologize in advance.  Sorry if I appear rude, tired or a little put off by your visit.  I am a mom, I am a day care mom and I have 8+ kids in my house everyday and next week I have 11.  I don't want my dishwasher fixed.  I NEED my dishwasher fixed.  I really don't have 3 hours in my day to be washing dishes and my hands are soft enough now so I don't need to soak them in dish water any longer.  If you are planning on telling me that this won't be fixed today I may not be very polite with your response.  In fact, I may roll my eyes and give you one of those teenage "huggh" breathing responses that I am starting to hear in my own house.  Now, here's to putting a smile on my face, hoping that you don't come during snack time or ring the door bell while kids are still sleeping.  :)


Cori said...

Rest is good! Even God did it! :) Glad your dishwasher got fixed! I hope it stays fixed!!

Jessica said...

Me too. Just ran the first load of dishes in it and I actually went over a few times just to make sure it was still working. :)

The school pics look really cute! Hope your kids are having a great first week. We still have 12 days until we need to try to be out the door by 8:10am. ;)