Sunday, August 19, 2012

Workout of the Day: Cardio & Abs

I have been reading a few sites lately and have noticed that I get inspired when they post what they are doing each day.

One of the reason why I have this blog is to motivate others.  So...I am going to write down what I am doing each day.  Not only will this keep track of what I am doing but maybe it will just motivate someone out there to try something new.

I've been changing things lately to help prepare for the upcoming Warrior Dash and to try to adjust to the upcoming crazy school schedule that we will have soon.  I'm still doing deep breathing exercises just to help prepare me mentally for the additional day care kids, outside activities, homework, bus schedules, church stuff and other things that I don't even realize isn't placed on our master schedule yet.  Exhale...Inhale...Exhale...Inhale...

Cardio & Abs

Cardio right now means running (most days).  I have three days of cardio and abs and three days of it is every other day of those activities with 1 day of rest.  Yep, that is 6 days of working out in some way.  

I was able to run 2.18 miles this afternoon in 31.55 minutes.  I had 3 hill sprints in that which was actually pretty fun...tough, but fun.  Sprints for me is probably like a normal run for a person...I just can't run fast.  I do what I can.

I came back to the house, all sweaty and gross, and did some lower and upper abs.  Chris was home so I had him time me.  He was thrilled.  30 seconds of crunches (max was 20 today).  30 seconds of leg lifts (max was 8 today).  90 seconds (or so...we forgot to count those today) in between.  I did each of these twice.  I actually did more of these today than I have been able to do at the gym.  My stomach was killing me but it was nice to be able to do more reps in each set than my normal amounts.

This is how I would write this in my workout notebook:
Crunches:  BW(bodyweight)/20    BW/20
Leg Lifts:  BW/8                           BW/8
30 seconds each time.  90 seconds in between.

Notes:  Hurts!  ;)

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