Saturday, August 18, 2012

Warrior Dash is Coming Soon!

Ahhh.  Still freaking out a bit about how close this Warrior Dash is coming.  I am really hoping that I will get done with the race and say to myself, "I really should have listened to what everyone was saying and realized that I shouldn't have worried so much."  I am guessing though that there are going to be some spots that are really tough and where I will want to just sit down and cry rather than continue on.  Just guessing though.  :)

Today we got our shirts ready for the dash.  Tie-dye!  Mine is the middle one, Jenna's is the one with the green and orange and my friend, Stephanie, has the purple one.

We have some more cute stuff that we are going to do with these but first...they have to bake.

I'll post our finished product once they are done.  We also have some special items to wear for our run...should be cute.  :)  Once we are dressed up maybe we will feel like a warrior.

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