Friday, August 17, 2012

The latest...and the funny and frustrating

My gym days are still going strong.  I am working hard, increasing some weights and always dripping with sweat.  It is so gross.

The Latest
Something new has started though for me and it is so exciting!  I am learning how to teach spin!!!  I started this past week and took the 5:45am class on Thursday and did three songs.  We did 1 hill climb, 1 sprint set and 1 flat ride.  So. Much. Fun!

Was I nervous?  The days before the actual class I was very nervous.  I was scared that I wouldn't know what to do, what to say, what music to play, etc.  Once I got the songs figured out though I realized that I could do this.  I tried practicing what I would say on our bike.  I learned real fast though that you can't spin on a bike that isn't a spin bike.  I improvised, got a great workout while I was practicing and felt really comfortable teaching after that.  I also realized that I've listened to the spin teacher for over a year now and have heard what she has been saying...I could do it.  She has already been teaching me and I wasn't even realizing it.

Three songs is one thing...55 entire minutes is another story.  When I need to do the entire class I will be ready.  I do have to watch my form when we aren't sitting on the bike.  There aren't mirrors in our spin room so I can't tell what I am doing.  I really have to mentally remind myself to just use my lower body and not use the upper body for momentum.  I tried practicing a little bit on an elliptical this morning to see if I could get a similar feel and to help see what I was doing.  It's not the same but it helps.

What I'm Working On Now
I am trying to increase my running just a bit so I am more comfortable and ready for the Warrior Dash on September 8th.  Honestly, this run is scary.  I am terrified.  I have to just keep it in my mind though that this will be fun.  If I keep saying it over and over I will start to believe it, right?!?

I'm not as worried about the obstacles, although they will be tough.  My worry is the running.  My knee still hurts at times when I run, my asthma may be acting up at that time of the year and I can't really bring my inhaler with me into the mud.  The distance is a concern but I know that I can walk if I need to.  At the moment there is the potential for a lot of walking.

What Else?
I'm just trying to enjoy the time I have with my kiddos before our life gets crazy again.  School starts in 18 days!  I'm not ready for it.

The Funny Part
I think that the women who lift more than just the pretty weights actually should just stick together.  We should put on our gloves and walk over to the dumbbells and grab them with confidence.  :)  We should go in pairs, just like we do when we head to the bathrooms, and enter the weightlifting area together.  Just kidding!  

I know that when I am at the gym I wake up, grab my coffee and head out the door with a plan of what I am going to do that day.  I can count on 1 hand how many times I have worked out with someone this past year.  Yeah, not very many times (other than spin class).  I do my own thing and have learned through trial and error that I have to be my own motivator.

There has been a woman that is newer to the gym I go to who has been doing more of the free weights than what most women do.  When you see someone doing things that are similar to what you do it tends to stand out a bit.

I know the gym can be a scary place.  You don't know anyone.  You are not always looking your finest.  :)  There are a lot of items in the gym that look complicated and scary.  Since I have had all of those feelings I try to make sure I encourage someone at the gym in the womens area at least once a week.  Women need encouragement, especially those that are doing this on their own.

I approached this woman last week and let her know that it was nice to see other women doing more than just the treadmills and ellipticals.  She didn't have much to say but pretty much just smiled.  The other day she had a few questions and I was happy to answer them for her.  We ended our conversation by this: I am getting ready to go home and start the work part of my day.
"What time to you get here?"
Me:  It really depends.  Some days I am here by 5, others it is 5:30/5:40am.  Once in awhile I will be here before 5.
"Do you have trouble getting here in the winter, when it is dark outside?"
(I think this is funny because of what I had just told her before.  There isn't much light outside when I am getting up now so the winter really doesn't impact the light issue for me.  It is just cold and dark rather than warm and dark.)
Me:  Nope.

What I really wanted to say is this (but I didn't want to appear sarcastic to this person that I just met and I actually only had about 2 minutes before I needed to walk out the door):
If I was thinking now that I wouldn't be coming here because it was dark outside I already wouldn't be here. I also know that if I don't get to the gym in the morning that I won't be getting a workout in during the day...there just isn't time.  So, I can either be ok with getting up while it is dark, and sometimes cold, or I can be ok with the fact that I need to start shopping and buy all of my old clothes back.  I can tell you that one of those is not going to happen.  Plus, this is my "me" time.  This is when I can do something for myself and know that what I am doing is actually making me better.

The Frustration
These conversations always leave me wondering what type of motivation exists for those that are at the gym or those that decide that they are going to workout at home or take a class somewhere, etc.  Getting healthier is not a matter of needing a gym it is more of a matter of needing the right mindset.

Today I saw someone talking on the phone while they were on the elliptical.  I almost pulled out my phone and took a picture.  She was right next to me so it was something I just couldn't resist seeing and I'm sure I gave her an interesting look, as did some other people in the gym.  Talking on your cell phone does not equal a good workout.  Why in the world would you get up early, go to the gym just to see a machine tell you that you are burning calories when you really aren't burning that many most likely, especially if you are able to talk on your cell phone?

I know.  I've been there...on those machines.  I can't say that I've talked on my phone while working out on them though.

What is the reason that you workout?  Are you already thinking of the upcoming weather and have in your mind that you might not make it to the gym when there is snow on the ground?  :)

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