Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday...a run with the sunrise

I found this picture on a Facebook site today...Faith Fitness and Nutrition.  Interesting picture, huh?  Which one speaks louder for you?  For me I think it is a combination of 1) food choice and 3) nutritional deficiencies.  I am working hard at both of these but I know that these two are my weaknesses.

I pay pretty close attention to the toxic food ingredients (we do have processed foods here but use many of the natural items...natural applesauce, natural peanut butter, etc.).  So much so...we don't use shredded cheese in our house.  (my kids are out in the kitchen manually shredding cheese quite a bit...they don't seem to know the difference any more and think it is just normal)

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of a bag of shredded cheese vs. the ingredients on a block of cheese.  There are some things on that shredded bag that I can't pronounce and I know are not natural ingredients.   

Back to the workout for today:
That title sounds a lot better than what the run was really like.

I did run today but first...I warmed up on the treadmill for half mile.  My body is not quite ready to go into a full run right after I get out of bed.  Even after warming up a full run really is not something my body likes.  

A few crunches were thought about and done this morning (oh...those hurt those upper ab muscles!)  I was going to get some lower leg raises done as well but was running low on time today.

I got my long sleeved shirt on and stepped outside...INTO THE DARK!  It was dark, people.  No sun in the sky as I left the gym.

I went a mile this morning...in the dark...and the air was like breathing marshmallows.  My lungs could not handle the humid air today.  A mile was enough of all that.  As I was coming around the corner of 37th Street by Subway and Arby's the sun decided to peek through the sky.  I was graced with the sunrise as I rounded the corner, passed Ashley's Furniture, Hobby Lobby and then a bunch of other little businesses next to the gym.  The sun made me feel like I could go on forever!...or at least 200 more feet.

Back at the gym I did two "spin" type of exercises on the bikes.  That part of the workout was fun.  :)

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