Thursday, August 30, 2012

The pain, the work and the yummy...Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday are sortof a blur.  I am finally just getting a chance to sit and take in some nice, cool, air-conditioned air.  

I don't have any great thoughts or words of inspiration since I am a little bit sleepy at the moment.  Here are my last two days.  Enjoy!

4:45am  Up and At Em!
My workout was strength training.  I was still having some issues with my shoulder but it was getting better.  I was careful though and took it a little easier on the back and shoulder exercises so I wouldn't injure it more.  What I did do:

  • Barbell Squats  40lbs/12  twice
  • Lunges  12/12 twice
  • Push Press 40/10 (a little pain so I only did this once)
  • Leg Extensions  75/12  twice  (felt the burn on this...owwww!)
  • Lying Leg Curls  #4 (no idea what weight that is but the person before me had it on #12...I couldn't even budge it)/15  did this twice
  • One Legged Calf Raises  10/15 (I can increase the weights next time on this)  twice
  • Dumbbell Upright Rows  40/12  twice
  • Two Legged Calf Raises  20/15  twice  (I can increase the weight on this next time)
  • Triceps Kickbacks  8/12  twice  (this arms are shaking.  It makes me just a little nervous as I am holding weights over my head.  The fatigue on this one is just a little different)
I finished with a few intervals on the stair master again.  It was very humid and packed in the gym that morning so this machine was a little bit on the torture side for me and my lungs.  

Wednesday night...meeting at 7:30pm until 9:30pm
Home, finalize spin songs for Thursday morning.
10:30pm  Bed

4:30am  Up & At Em
At the gym by 5:05am.  I like to warm up a little bit before spin and stretch.  Spin works the legs a lot and getting them warmed up is important for me.  
Today I did the last half of the spin class.  It was awesome! classic WOW...this is what I observed and noticed as I walked in the spin room:
  • half the lights not working (and of course it was the ones by the teachers bike)
  • clock was moved so only the teacher could see it.  This does help a bit so the clock is closer to the teacher but it really is at an odd spot.  In order to see it you have to turn your head to the left and look behind you.  Smart thinking there WOW.  For the participants in the class it kindof leaves you wondering how much longer this class really is.  I had some of those thoughts as I was getting closer to the time that I had to teach.  What time is it?  No idea.  I based my guess on the number of songs and that most songs were about 3 to 4 minutes long.
  • One of the fans wasn't on and I couldn't get it to turn on.  Which means...sweat dripping off of me...again.  Nothing like tilting your head down and watching drops fall.  Refreshing.  :)  
  • I have been doing very good at finishing my workout around 6:30/6:35am.  Getting home just after 7, making breakfast and getting time to eat before kids show up at 7:30am has been very helpful this week.
Work today was probably one of the busiest days that I have ever had.  Thank goodness I can be my own boss...cause I won't ever be doing that again.  My nerves were shot, I had drool and snot all over me, the loudness level in our house was beyond any measurement and was pretty much all day.  Most people can handle a few minutes of that.  An entire day does test your patience just a tad.  I ate breakfast but didn't get to eat more than a bowl of soup the rest of the day, and water.  Can't forget the water.  By 2:30pm I knew that I was going to Culver's, getting a cheeseburger and fries...and ice cream...and eating that for supper tonight.  I was secretly hoping that a Culver's fairy would just bring it to me since I was stuck in day care land all day and knew that no one would be coming early that day...cause that is just how it works.  Let me tell you, when I did finally sit down and eat my cheeseburger (with everything except there were some veggies in there) it was good!

Before I close my eyes on today I still have work that needs to be will have to wait.  This body is tired.  My eyes are hurting.  Bed is calling my name.

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