Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday morning. Bright and early workout.

Where is my post from yesterday?  I skipped a day.  So sorry.

At some point from when I went to sleep on Saturday until I woke up on Sunday I must have laid on my shoulder wrong.  I was in quite a bit of pain, thinking it was my back, but learned today that it really was my shoulder.  I was using a heating pad, pills, stretches, Tiger Balm...anything to try to get it to feel better.  I even planned on going on a long bike ride with the kids and I just couldn't do it.  I was in pain!

I did wake up, bright and early today and got to the gym today.  Yeah...Monday!

The process of "time" is changing a little bit for me.  My workouts usually are around 5:30/5:45am and I hit the showers around 6:45/6:50am.  I am home by 7:15/7:20am to greet my kids, give them hugs and then open the door for day care to start.  With school starting and some day care kids needing more attention right away in the morning I am going to need to be home right around 7am just so I can eat something.  My morning literally is bam, bam, bam as soon as the first day care kid walks through the door.  I might be able to get a break from feeding, crying, separation anxiety issues (kids & parents)  :) , lunch making, bus arriving and diaper changes (phew) around 9:00/9:30am.  The need to eat at 7 is there and is really my only least until I am hungry again.  I don't want to resort to processed foods as my source of nutrition so it really is going to take me to get up just a tad earlier so I can get this schedule to work.  This means that a wake up time of 4:30am is almost necessary.  Maybe 4:35am.  (Those 5 minutes can seriously feel like another hour sometimes...but it is still really early.)

The workout today:
I wasn't too sure what I was going to be able to do today but knew that if I felt pain with an exercise that I would stop right away and do something different.  Here is what I was able to do:

  • One arm rows (had to do the machine and not on the killed my shoulder on the bench).  27.5 lbs/15 times.  Did this twice.
  • Push Press (when all else fails...I do push presses).  I was supposed to do push ups but knew just from the rows that I wouldn't be able to do push ups.  I took it easy today and did 40 lbs/15 times.  Did this twice.
  • One legged dumbbell calf raises.  (these are so awkward...I feel like a flamingo, especially on days when I am wearing pink).  10 pounds in each hand/12 times.  Did this twice.
  • Dumbbell Curls.  10lbs/15.  12lbs./15
  • Overhead Triceps Extension.  20lbs/15 times.  Did these twice.
  • I was supposed to do squats and deadlifts also.  I knew that I would not survive these this morning with the weights that I am used to.  Instead I did Leg Press at 160 lbs (total with weight on machine makes it over 260 lbs)/10 times.  Did this twice.  I have been able to do about 50 pounds more than this.  Today my legs just felt like Jell-o and not as strong so I didn't push it.
  • Finished today doing intervals on the stair master.  This machine is what the "strong", the "dedicated" the "fit" people are always on.  What is it?  You basically are walking stairs.  You don't stop.  You just keep going.  The goal is also to make sure that you aren't holding on to the side bars or (just for the crazy people) run without holding on.  Running for me would end up falling flat and then down these fake stairs.  People do it though and it is just crazy.  After knowing all of those details let me tell you how it is brutal!  I've done it before and remember the following day when I could hardly sit down.  I am hoping that I will not be as sore tomorrow.  I did my intervals (30 seconds fast, 30 seconds slower) and survived.  I even lasted 10 minutes on this today.  

The kids and I may be able to go out for a bike ride tonight.  They've been wanting to show me "the big hill" that they ride down.

Did you get some exercise in today?

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