Saturday, August 25, 2012

"eye" can see you

No workout today. I woke up feeling yucky and tired. I needed COFFEE!

Here is what I did do once I finally woke up (which was after 9 hours of sleep and then sleeping 45 more minutes on the couch...I'm blaming allergies).

Glasses! Family outing to the eye doctor. Micah was getting to pick out his new glasses. He has had his previous pair(s) for a year. About two weeks after we got them last year they were both so bent and/or broken that they didn't fit right. He lived through it though and did a great job using what he had. Now that we have better insurance for him we were able to go get his much needed glasses and appointment.

Micah's eyes are doing a lot better than they were and he really is quite the pro now with his visits. His suppression in his worst eye has stopped, which we are very thankful for! He still needs a pretty strong prescription in the "bad" eye but at least his brain and eye are communicating again. As a mom, that was a pretty scary thing to notice and hear when we first learned, 4 years ago, that his eyes were in trouble.  All those years of patching, broken glasses, correcting how he uses his glasses, working with the teachers and helping him with all of this through the years has been worth it.

Here are some pics from our morning and of Micah in his new glasses...coming soon!
*In one of the pictures there is a pile of glasses that he tried on.  He was really quite good at making up his mind on what he wanted and what fit right.  The pile is just a small pile of what he actually did try on but it gives you an idea of how many pairs we looked at in the morning.  Micah does have to have glasses with entire frames because of one of his lenses so that already eliminates about half of the glasses to choose from. If not for that requirement we might still be trying on frames.  :)

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