Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Workout...and the increasing laundry pile

Today was quite the day...I have worn about 7 outfits today...not by choice other than my gym clothes and first outfit for the day.  Why, you say?  Use your imagination...I run a day care that has babies and sick kids today and is also full of kids that learn new things that are just plain gross.  As soon as the first kid of the day was in my arms I was spit up on.  The end of the day I was cleaning up poop off of a child that learned how to take off their own diaper.  There was a lot of bleach used in our home today and I probably ruined one of my favorite (and only pair) of blank pants.  (they were fading anyways so if a bleach stain has ruined them I may not be that upset to need to buy a new pair).  I did have a day care parent tell me a few weeks ago that I make a lot of money for really not having a very hard job...I really wish she would have been here to see my entire day today and rethink that statement.

Before all the gross stuff happened I did make it to the gym.

Friday's Workout  (did each twice with same weights unless noted)
Bent over barbell rows  40lbs/15 times
Incline Dumbbell Fly  12 lbs/15 times

Push Press  (love these!)  40lbs/10 times and 40lbs/15 times
Standing Calf Raises  20 lbs/15

Hammer Curl  12 lbs/15 times
Lying Dumbbell Extension  8 lbs/15 (my arms were shaking doing these)

Ballet Squat  40 lbs/15  (I am thinking that I really like these too)
Dumbbell Lunge  12 lbs/15 (I don't like these but know that they are very important)

I always finish up my workout with some intervals.  Today was 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds slow on the elliptical.

Now I need to go do some more laundry.  :)

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