Friday, August 31, 2012

The Countdown Has Begun...and Friday's workout

0.  This is it.  This is our last day of day care when my kiddos will be here.  Kids go back to school in 4 days.  There is happiness and sadness in hearing that number.

3.  The weekend that I need!  And really, shouldn't every weekend be three days?  (This is also how many loads of laundry I do on average every day...not including the folding part...that sometimes doesn't happen...till 3 days later.)

4.  The day when I am hoping that a magical fairy comes in my house, makes some awesome breakfast for the kids to welcome them back to school, get all the babies fed, changed, take pictures that are Instagram cute and inspired from Pinterest with the kids looking perfect, be out the door with a smile on my face, hair curled and make-up on and NOT wearing yoga pants or capris and waving as my kids load the bus.  Sidney knows that the tooth fairy doesn't exist so maybe I should just come back to reality and know that none of that is probably going to happen "picture perfect" style.

4.  First parent/teacher meeting.

7.  First day of preschool for Quinn.  That is going to be quite the morning.  He is going to have a blast and I can already see his facial expressions that he will have as he gets his picture taken that morning.  My day is going to be really weird without him here.  Don't worry though...I still have 4 to 7 other little people to occupy my time.

This is also the number of this crazy, inspirational, thought-provoking book that I am reading.  I am more than halfway done and the chapter I am on now is a hard one to process..."being green".  I have a lot of ideas for how I could implement the other chapters but not too sure what I can do exactly with that one.  I don't know that my family would be "all in" on this either so it really is a me type of thing most likely.  That first chapter down to 7 things.  I am guessing I would lose a few pounds if I honestly did that one the way it is designed to be done.

8.  Warrior Dash.  I just typed that and I think my blood pressure went up.  One week away basically.  I just need to start chanting, "I'm not gonna die.  I'm not gonna die."  I've even made the other two shirts but haven't finished mine.  Once that shirt is done it is just proof that I will be wearing that, basically destroying it as I get really disgusting.  Time to start filling up milk jugs with water.

10.  The day Chris leaves for...9 days.

15.  I have boxing class.  I am really excited about this although it is just chance that I found out about this class and signed up for it.  It will be fun and a good workout.  Something new...we always need to keep learning.

29.  The date of garage sales that our church is having to help support missions.  I've been going through the book "7" (more on that another time...I've been taking notes :) and one of the chapters is about giving items away.  We just had our own garage sale but we still have excess stuff.  I already have 4 boxes and 4 bags of stuff and a tv that we really don't need or use.  I haven't even started...more will be leaving this house.

Somewhere in there is also the first AHG meeting for Sid, the parent/teacher meeting for Micah and Sid (while Chris is gone), first Cub Scout meeting, AWANA...etc.  I am now avoiding the calendar and not wanting to face that tomorrow is the start of September...the month our life gets crazy again.  Summer, it was  a good ride.  You weren't too busy.  You didn't have high expectations.  You let us play outside, in the sprinklers and grew our garden.  You have been good to us and now I can see that your friend Fall is coming soon.

My Workout Today:
Ok...I almost overslept.  Almost.  I woke up at 5:04am and got out of bed fast realizing that I must have turned my alarm off twice.  (I have 2 alarms set for the morning on my phone.)  I did get to the gym and I had a really good workout but I honestly would have slept in if I wasn't meeting another person this morning. I had one of our Warrior Dash shirts to deliver to my friend who is also running and she said she was going to be there...I told her I would have her shirt in my hands.  So, I got up.

Here is what I did today (all done twice unless noted different weights):

  • Two arm bent over barbell rows  40 lbs/15.  I wanted to do 50 pounds but the 50 pound barbell was gone.  I have no idea where someone stashed it was the only one gone on the rack and I didn't see anyone else using it.
  • Incline Flys.  This one, it just feels funny.  10 pounds each hand/12   10 pounds/15
  • Bent Over Lateral Raises.  I did this on an incline bench but backwards.  5 pounds each hand/12.  I tried 10 pounds but that was too heavy.
  • Two Legged Dumbbell Calf Raises.  25 pounds/15 (actually...I had a 30 and 25 and realized it halfway through as I looked in the mirror at the numbers.)  
  • Hammer Curls  15 each hand/15  
  • Lying Triceps Extensions.  20 lbs/13
  • Wide Stance Dumbbell Squats.  40/12  (I like this one... :)  
  • Finished up with some intervals on the elliptical.

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Cori said...

Happy Back to School tomorrow! And good luck on the Warrior Dash! You'll be great!!!