Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY How To Get Rid of a Fruit Fly

The leaves are starting to change colors...the crisp air has arrived...and so has the beloved fruit fly.

Every fall we see some sort of infestation at our house of this pesky animal.  I see them flying around in a store and I actually don't by produce there and will drive somewhere else that doesn't appear to have the problem.  I avoid this part of the season as much as possible.

They're back!

Today I decided that their time on life was done.  I was stepping in and going to solve this problem.

My tools:
  • glass cup
  • piece of paper
  • piece of tape
  • part of a banana
1)  I ate most of a banana :) and then left a little piece and put it in the cup.  (some apple vinegar can also work)
2)  Took a piece of paper, rolled it up and taped on the side so that it could fit in the cup and looked like a funnel.  (Make sure there are no spots open between the paper and the cup.  This can be taped down if needed.)
3)  Put the cup that is now holding the banana piece and the paper somewhere on your counter.

The little animals won't even know what they are smelling.  They will fly right to the cup, walk down the paper, eat the banana and then BAM...they will realize that they can't fly back out.

Here are a few other tricks that I have heard other friends use:

  • You can set out a glass of wine with Saran wrap over it and poke some holes in it. It'll attract them and then they drown. They'll go away soon though once it starts getting cooler. Yeah annoying though!!
    August 25 at 10:55pm via mobile · 

  • I'm just finding them in the bathroom or in our basement where there isn't any food.

  • Oh they might be coming from the drain! That happened to us once. Pour baking soda and vinegar down the drains. Or bleach. That got rid of them for us.
    August 25 at 11:23pm via mobile · 

  •  Put a ripe piece of banana or the peel in a dish with Saran wrap and poke holes in the top. Leave it out a few days :)
    August 26 at 7:53am via mobile ·  · 1

  • Any fruit or peel/remnants will work with the Saran wrap.
    August 26 at 2:11pm via mobile · 

  • Apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap. No Saran Wrap needed.

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