Friday, June 8, 2012

There's 104 days...

Summer Vacation!  It is here!!!!  Well, it is for the kids anyways.

The kids were out of school and home for 15 minutes...and then the phone calls began.  Lots of planning going on in their little minds and they were about ready to let me know what those were.  Lucky for me I had volleyball.  ;)  So, off I went and Chris got to experience the "after school excitement" first hand.

Last night we had the first sleepovers of the summer.  It was almost like the kids in the neighborhood knew that school was out finally and that my kids were home...the individuals in our yard were multiplying.  :)  I came home from volleyball and they were still at our house and apparently we were having some sleepovers.

The boys had their DS games and were laying under the bunk beds.  I guess that is the place to play now.  Why they can't play in their comfy beds...not sure?  Nope, under the bed is best.

Quinn isn't old enough for sleepovers and so these fun days are a bit hard on the 4 year old.  He did make up some of his own projects though and was very resourceful yesterday.  We had a plethora of pictures that he made and they are now plastered all over our house.  The fridge front, which I usually like to keep clear of items, is now full of his wonderful pictures that he made all by himself.

The girls were on the lookout for the sparkliest nail polish ever.  My house smelled like a nail salon.  The fumes were strong!  But, they were so pretty.  They even put on makeup and they were looking like one of those Glamour Shots photos.  That makeup was pretty thick :)

Now we are at the first official day of summer vacation.  I have kids that are already eating me out of house and home.  One of the kids that stayed over actually went home to go eat bacon this morning as his snack and let me know he would be back after that.  Our goldfish crackers and Craisins just don't compare to bacon.

Sid is at a camp today...already!  We still have backpacks full of school supplies, projects and an endless supply of notebooks that are half-used.  At some point we will get through those and put away and hopefully it will be before we did this last year (which was one week before school started up again).

Lots going on in The Williams house...and that is just day 1 of our summer vacation.

Our morning did start off on a funny note.  Micah was talking about being able to stay up tonight and watch the stars with his friend.  He wanted to get out our telescopes and see if he could find Saturn and Judas.  :)  Isn't that cute?  Maybe he needs to go to summer school though so he can get that planet right.

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