Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where's Perry?

Finally! The boys' shelves in their closet is organized again. Sizes from 5 all the way to 20 are where they belong.

We had an incident that led to the boys breaking the bottom shelf and as a result many piles of clothes took a tumble as someone (not sure which boy) grabbed for something to hold as the shelf fell. As most busy moms do, I threw the clothes back in the closet and told myself I would get to this project someday.

Boys...if you mess up this closet again there will be consequences. No more standing on shelves.

Good thing...Micah had almost zero clothes that fit. After going through everything he now should have enough clothes to keep him dressed on our summer days.
Bad thing...every pair of size 8 pants that we have waiting for Quinn have holes in them. Boys are so tough on clothes.

To answer your question...
yes, the bottom shelf is being held up by a tote and two Lego boxes. I'm resourceful :)

If you have kids you will know what the title of this blog means.  So...Where's Perry?

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