Monday, May 21, 2012

Kids DIY Watering Can

I found this a few weeks ago on another site and now I can't seem to find the source.  This was not my original idea though but I wanted to share it because it is so simple, easy for kids to use and is made from something most people already have (and it is way cheaper than those fancy watering cans for kids in stores!).

First, find a milk jug and a lid.

Second, punch holes in the lid.  I have used a nail to make holes, which does seem to work the best.  I have also just used a corkscrew which makes smaller holes.

Third, fill up the container, put the lid on and let your kid water the plants!

When our summer is over we will just recycle them and start over with new ones next Spring.

Did you try this craft?  Any changes that you made to make this work better or even easier for kids to use?

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