Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yummy Baked Oatmeal!

Pinterest really is a great place!  This week I am trying all sorts of fun recipes with our family and day care kids.   Some are just yummy, some are just cute and others are more practical and time saver options for me.
I did make one recipe though last week that was a hit with our family and the majority of our day care kids.  (we do have a few very picky eaters and those I know will just never be happy with what I make unless it is all chocolate or basically candy).  These were yummy and I actually finished them this morning before we walked out the door for church.

I can't put the recipe on here because of copyright issues but I did take a photo of what I made...maybe that will entice you enough to click on the following website to get the recipe for yourself.  Best part of the recipe is that there isn't sugar other than natural items...honey, banana, etc.

We used the following toppings on our latest batch:
  • chocolate chips (kids love that one!)
  • craisins
  • raisins
  • plain
Our next batch we are going to try some walnuts as a topping and maybe even some chunks of apples too.

To find the blog where I got this recipe...just click here.

If you try these let me know!  What toppings did you use? 

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Cori said...

I think I've pinned this recipe or at least seen it before. Looks yummy and easy! I'll have to try it!