Thursday, May 24, 2012

#16 Stop rationalizing and making excuses

Almost 3 weeks ago I looked at my new list of exercises for my current workout.  As I usually do, I did some video searching, some research on how to perform the exercises properly and just got as much info as possible on what these exercises are actually doing for my body.

As I researched the side plank row I not only became concerned but a little bit on the terrified side.  Planks, in my opinion, are not my friend.  They are tough.  They hurt.  My body shakes when I get to my breaking point.  Why would I want to do something that combined a plank and another exercise?  Is that even possible?  Laying on my side and lifting my body with one arm...yeah right.

The first time I tried it...I fell.  I knew I would fall.  I knew that I wouldn't do very well, especially on the side of my body that seems to be weaker.  I was not happy about needing to have this exercise in my to-do list.  I knew that I really just wanted to finish up my workout and skip that one but knew that I would feel guilty for not really doing what was asked of me.  No one else would know if I was truly following the program that was planned out for me so did it really matter?  In my mind, if I don't try as hard as I can and I start making excuses why I shouldn't do this exercise or why I can't do something then I will just be starting to go back to the way I was before.  One backward step will lead to another.  My full potential in life does not allow excuses to rule my decisions.

Yesterday was the third time that I have done this exercise.  I now can lift my body up on my side with one arm and pull a cable with my other arm.  At the moment I am using resistance bands because (honestly) I wasn't too comfortable doing this on a cable machine yet.  I had no problems doing this exercise yesterday and am now looking forward to trying this on a cable machine.  (I never thought I would want to do this on a cable machine, seriously!)

I am SO glad that this exercise got easier!

But...the reality is that the exercise didn't get easier.  This is the same exercise that I despised doing and fell down in the process of my poor attempt.  This is the same exercise that I did in the confines of the women area at our gym because I didn't want to make a huge fool of myself out in the big open area for everyone to see.  This is the same exercise that I tried to do in a class about a year ago and failed at miserably.

The only thing that changed with this exercise is that I got stronger while trying.

This hasn't happened with just this exercise.  I usually have one or two in each new workout that I really don't like or don't want to do (glute hip thrust, push press, sit ups with arms out to side, dumbbell bench press...the list could go on and on).  I have told myself that I will not make excuses though and I have to try as hard as I can.  I will never get better, never get stronger and I won't change if I don't try.  I know how many times I need to be at the gym.  The gym is where I can go to focus and do what is on my to-do list.  Not making it to the gym doesn't work for the goals that I have for myself.  That is just an excuse that I can't make.  I set my alarm, I get up and even if I am still rubbing my eyes on my way out the door...I am going to the gym.  (I do have days where I don't feel good...those are not the days I am talking about.  Not feeling good and just being tired are not the same thing.  Am I right?)

If I could talk to someone who isn't exercising and ask them why they aren't, I know I would get a variety of excuses.  There is a part of me that cringes inside as I hear these excuses (besides the medical issues).   I can hear the excuses plain as day.  Unfortunately some people just don't have that want in them to make a change in their lifestyle, schedule or self to make positive changes in their life.  It is almost like they have earmuffs on too and can't even recognize that what they are saying is a complete excuse.  If the want was there they would make every effort possible to do what they needed to do to spend 4% of their day exercising.  That's 57 minutes...just in case you were wondering.

I've written a few blogs now based on The Fit Female Credo by Rachel Cosgrove.  (amazing information from her, btw!)  I wasn't really planning on writing about excuses today but this sortof just turned into it.  I have a lot of pent up anger, emotion and just plain confusion for those that make excuses.  It frustrates me to hear excuses from others.  I don't like hearing a lot of negativity from others so that is probably part of it.  I also have seen what it takes to get results though and to reach goals.  Excuses, truthfully, are someone just not wanting to accomplish more in their life.  The goals that they have are more is a reality that they just can't see happening.

Are the goals that you have for yourself a true goal that you won't make excuses for or are you really just dreaming?

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