Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My brave man

This morning was not a routine visit to the dentist.  Although Micah would have liked it to be just a cleaning he was mentally preparing himself the last two weeks for this appointment.

I have heard almost every day the following from Micah, "Mom, just _____ more days until it is Wednesday."

When he first started saying those words I really had no idea what he was talking about.  Yes, Wednesday is coming up...halfway through the work week.  Yes, Wednesday is almost here, you have AWANA.  I could tell he was a bit disgusted though with my responses and that I wasn't picking up on his hints.

Micah was scared, nervous and just not sure what was truly going to happen on Wednesday, May 9th at 8am.

A few weeks ago we learned at his regular dentist visit that Micah's 6 year molars formed without enamel.  Weird, crazy and apparently some genetic thing that just happens.  What does this mean?  Micah has more sensitivity to hot and cold things as he eats and drinks that he just learns to adjust to throughout his life.  Micah will need some work done on those particular teeth to help them from decaying.  He also had one tooth in particular that formed with some softness that needed to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Wednesday morning came.  I got back from the gym around 7:15am and he was ready to go.  We still had half an hour but he was pretty anxious and obviously had been thinking about his appointment already.

Micah asks some important questions as we were on our way...
"Will I feel it?"
"What are they going to do?"
"Is the shot going to hurt?"
"Is the shot going to hurt a lot?"
"Will I be getting a shot in my butt?"

I did try to explain as best as I could to Micah that he would get some shots but his mouth would be tingly so he really wouldn't feel it.  During his appointment he also had some laughing invention for kids who need dental work done!  I have had a plethora of dental work done and my mouth shows it...but I never once have been offered laughing gas.  Ok...there was that one time that I was at the orthodontist.  That was a funny day.  :)  I think I will ask for it the next time I have drilling that needs to take place...Micah was so calm.  :)

My brave little man did really well this morning!  He wanted his mommy nearby at the appointment but he really did a great job...much better than I anticipated our morning going.  I had my coffee in hand and was ready for the thrashing, crying, yelling and entire ordeal that I usually get with my sensitive and sometimes emotional 7 year old boy.  I was very proud of him though.  This is just one more way that he is showing me how grown up he is becoming as he is getting older and older.

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