Friday, May 11, 2012

Gym Workout Update Phase 2 x2

I have been trying to increase the weights with the push press but it really is hard.  My arms get tired and sometimes I don't realize how tired they are until I try to push that bar up one more time.  I don't have a spotter or anyone to help me so at times I really have to just pay attention to where I am at fatigue wise since this weighted bar could come crashing back down on me.  I also have to pay attention to my stance.  Can you tell where this is going?

Getting out of my comfort zone...I did that quite a bit this morning at the gym.

I have started round 2 of my phases.  I just finished Phase 1 and started Phase 2 this week.  Today was day 2 and was the first time that I tried this group of exercises.

What did I do today?
I had my usual favorites that I had on my to-do all time fave...the push press and then some warm ups that I do too.  The rest though was either new or was more of a challenge.  I had some different types of squats, which I am learning to like as well as some different types of lunges.  There was one exercise in particular that I was pretty much dreading...the side plank row.

Before I talk about the side plank row I have to tell you about the push press experience this morning.

Today I wanted to see how many times I could do the 60 lb. weighted bar.  I knew I could do a push press with did 4 the other day.  It was tough but I could do it.  I was supposed to do 10 reps today.  Hmmm...wasn't quite sure how far I could get with that but I was going to try.

I grabbed the bar and I do this sortof flick with my wrists and with the bar so I get it up towards my shoulders. My stance wasn't quite steady enough and I realized this as the bar was about my waist area.  I had to quickly readjust my footing so I wouldn't fall over.  Balance, balance, balance.  I didn't fall but it was a good check to remember to always get my stance steady first and focus.

I was able to do 5, rest briefly and then do another 4.  I almost got to 10.  Number 9 was a huge struggle just to try to get the bar above my head.  I knew that trying number 10 would end up with my arms giving out on me and the bar landing on my head and then sending me down to the ground.  Not worth the risk.

Fun, fun though!

Now the side plank row...not so much fun.  I knew I would have some trouble with this one, especially the first time.  The cable machine that I usually use and am most familiar and comfortable with was being used and pretty much every other one was as well.  I had to come up with an alternative and one that would work as I started to figure out this exercise.  I grabbed some bands and then went to the women's area.  I knew there was a mat in there that I could use.  I put the bands around a piece of equipment, laid out the mat and attempted to do a side plank.  As I do a side plank I am supposed to do rows as well with the bands.  I knew that today was going to be all about figuring out how this exercise works, getting the balance and quirks figured out and just trying to make this work.  I did it.  I am sure I looked very awkward as I was doing this because I felt very awkward.  I finished though without falling over.  I had a few close moments but I finished.  That was all that I wanted to accomplish this morning with this exercise...just finish.  I may have to work on side planks at home though outside of the gym to help build up my confidence and strength for this exercise.  If you want to feel your stomach muscles working...this is a good one!  I could feel it.  I'm guessing as the day goes on I will continue to feel it.  :)

Comfort zone.  If I know that I am constantly pushing myself outside of this warm and cozy area then I know that I am continuing to progress and change this body.  If I keep pushing hard and making sure that I am lifting with high enough weights that I seriously don't think I can go one more time...I know that I am getting stronger.  I will not be the person at the gym that goes to just do plain, boring cardio for 20 or 30 minutes and then go home without even needing to take a shower.  That was the old me.


Cori said...

I haven't been checking in very much lately. It sounds like you are still pushing yourself! Good for you! Keep up the good work!!

Jessica said...

Next time we are in Ft Lauderdodge we can workout together...oh, yeah, that will probably be for that apple run :). Can I just skip the run and lift weights while you guys go for your jog? Sorry I missed the fun the other day! I heard my mom was there. That is just funny.