Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day...um, fun?

Mother's Day.  A day totally devoted to moms.  We should have a day where we just don't have to do any of those parenting jobs, right?

My mothers day fun and not-so-fun overview:
Fun.  Shopping in Albertville with the fam!  I am not a huge shopper and don't usually spend much on myself.  This year though I needed some clothes that fit and I found them.  I found a lot actually but I held back.  (I'm still kicking myself for not buying that $360 regular priced Columbia coat for $60 though!)  The best part was...I got to buy a size smaller in jeans than what is currently in my closet and bought some great shirts that will fit nice and won't be like the baggy ones that I currently have that just don't fit right anymore.

More Fun.  We also went to a Twins game.  The expectation that the Twins would win was just not there since their record has been far from great this year.  A win was pulled out just for all the moms though...and we got a cool pink scarf.  I did miss the one home run because I was taking two of the kids to the bathroom and hunting all over the complex for the one item that they wanted to eat, which was of course the opposite direction of where we were sitting and we walked for what seemed like 20 minutes.

Not So Fun.  Quinn throwing up in the morning when he woke up on Saturday.  Quinn throwing up in the car on the way to Albertville on Saturday (we were prepared though!).  Quinn throwing up at Target Field.  At least he did that last one before the game started though so the bathrooms were all clean and I didn't have any squeamish feelings of him touching a public restroom floor.
Micah is running the bases.  Hard to tell but he is in a red hat and white shirt just leaving 2nd base.  Sid and Quinn are out there somewhere but I have no idea where.
And this is Quinn...after being sick.  We were at one of the stores in the stadium to buy a few trinkets when he was holding this ball and said that his tummy hurt.  I threw the ball at Sid and ran him out of the store.  Getting picked up for shoplifting may not have been a great way to spend Mother's Day.  :)

Bases loaded...other team is talking about what to do next.  I think they were shocked that the Twins were winning too!
At the visitors dug out after just running the bases.  Sid did have a Twins jersey on too but the guy sitting behind us spilled it on her...and didn't even say sorry.  Not sure who was more shocked that an adult didn't have manners, Chris or Sidney.

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