Saturday, April 21, 2012

On a mission for a "like" or two

Fact #1:  My husband and his friend own a company called Narrow Road Coffee.

Fact #2:  My husband and his friend don't make money from this company currently and probably won't make anything for awhile.  We do get coffee at cost, which they roast all on their own (and it is really fresh!).  It takes a few years to get a company in the black.  In fact, we pay each month just to make this company stay in business.  Can we say "loans" and loving family members that have been very helpful to us to get this up and running?

Fact #3:  Narrow Road Coffee loves to help others.  In fact, that is the goal.  The formula is actually very simple:
1)  we sell coffee, 
2) we take 25% of the purchase price and turn it over to missionaries.
3)  we help support non-profit groups during their fundraisers (missions are kindof a passion for my husband and I)

Narrow Road Coffee has already said that they will donate some coffee and gift certificate to the Teen MOPS group in the Rochester, MN area for their upcoming fundraiser.  But...I have personally said that I will make and donate some sort of crafty creation using some of the burlap from the Narrow Road Coffee bags if we get 20 more "likes" on the Facebook page for Narrow Road Coffee by Sunday night (tomorrow).  As of right now, we need 6 more "likes".  You can help by just clicking "like" on the Narrow Road Coffee Facebook page.  6 more...I have a lot of ideas for this burlap from Pinterest.  Let's help out this group by making this happen!

Why help Teen MOPS...and really, what is this group?
Teen MOPS is a non-profit group that helps teen moms.  The group meets twice a month, brings speakers in, provides great discussion on various topics, provides a support system for these teens and an atmosphere  where they can meet other teen moms and feel comfortable being who they are.  The teens don't pay anything to attend, a meal is provided for them and their child(ren) and childcare as well during the meeting.  You can find out more about Teen MOPS at their blog and on Facebook.

Let me tell you...from being one of the people in charge of the funds, from day 1 it was a struggle just to get enough supplies for a craft at times or for the diapers that we would give away at the meetings.  We pulled every penny out of every crevice that we could.  We recycled so many things, raised money in different ways, donated items from our homes and didn't get reimbursed for them because we knew there were so many other things that the money was earmarked for.  Teen MOPS is a frugal bunch and being non-profit does have its limitations at times as to who will donate to them and why.  

There is a fundraiser on May 4th, 2012 for Teen MOPS of Rochester that you can register for (just click the link) and attend.  It is fun for families, individuals, couples...whoever you are, if you like Olive Garden, want to win some great auction items and are open to learning more about what teen moms can do with their lives rather than the typical stereotypes that so many people have of girls in these situations...come to the fundraiser.  You will be shocked at what these girls can accomplish! up your wallet and give Teen MOPS some money.  They need it and they will put the money to the best use that it could be used for...much better than you spending it on something you see at the store that you really don't need that is on clearance or in those dollar bins.

Back to the main reason for this post...go "like" Narrow Road Coffee!  It may sound like a dumb contest but this is what I have seen:
the teens from this group sharing the information and "like"ing Narrow Road because they realize how important this item will be for this group.  The item may not bring in the most money but it is money that will be used to help a teen as she is going through this time in her life when:

  • her support system is almost non-existent.  
  • She herself is wondering what she will be doing next in her life and if she is ready for all of the changes that her life will experience in the next 9 months and many years later.  
  • She doesn't know who to call now or what her next step should be since the baby daddy has walked out of her life and has insisted that a paternity test not even be done because he knows it isn't his baby.
  • she doesn't know where she is going to live because she was just kicked out of her parents house because she told them she was pregnant.
  • She isn't sure how she is going to finish school or if she should even try since the school is asking her to leave and transfer to a different school in the area now that the word is out that she is pregnant.
These situations are real...I've heard them many times.  But, I have also seen the results from the teens working hard to accomplish their goals.  I have watched the teens move from an abusive relationship to a healthy relationship and provide a safe place for their child.  I have watched the teens mature into very responsible citizens who the community should admire and respect rather than degrade and glare at when they see them at the store.  

These teens are accomplishing something in their lives and in their kids' lives.  Not only should we applaud them for their hard work but help them along them way.  

So...back to the reason for this blog post...if all you can do to help is "like" Narrow Road Coffee, please do!  Every "like" does matter.  If you can do more, show up for the fundraiser on May 4th.  If you have more in you after that...find out how you can help the teens directly by either a donation for their meetings, item or donation for the fundraiser or even wanting to spend time at the meetings as a volunteer.  Put down a comment if you want to help and I can connect you with the person you need to talk to...I have her number :)

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