Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adjustments that I needed to make & a personal best!

What I've been doing lately at the gym...

I have had a week of readjustments but did hit a personal best.

Should I focus on the things I needed to change or focus on my victory?  The victory is still in my head but I will still start with some things I had to readjust first.

Things not working quite right and needing change:

  1. my elbow was injured.  I tried to figure out exactly what was causing it pain and after my workout Friday I think I figured out the movement that makes it hurt.  I will be taking it easy with those types of movements until this is healed.  I've started taking some anti-inflammatory meds as well to try to get that to help it heal a bit faster.
  2. my knee was swollen and for awhile it hurt to walk unless I was at an incline but now it mainly hurts to kneel on it.  A few of my exercises require me to kneel on the floor as I pull some cables.  Friday I think I was in more pain just kneeling than trying to pull the cables down. I even had a pad on the floor to help but it didn't matter.  No more kneeling until that is fixed.  I will also be watching my squats and lunges since there were times when those hurt in that same knee.
  3. Pretty sure I broke my toe.  Did I mention all of this was on the same side of my body?  I've done it before so it isn't anything new.  I just rammed my foot into one of the corners of our wall.  Bam!  Bright purple and puffy after that and I could hardly wear shoes to Micah's play that night.  It is doing a lot better though and healing up fine.  
  4. It's hunting season and I had a bit of stress as I was trying to figure out when I would get to the gym.  There was a possibility of 4 mornings where I wasn't going to be able to get my "me" time.  Evenings are tough for me since we usually have something going on or somewhere to be with the kids and mornings are when Chris was going to find Mr. Tom. 
The good stuff that I am focusing on:
  1. Chris got a turkey on his first day out!  I didn't have to stress so much since I made it to the gym for my workouts.  
  2. I hit 175 pounds with my romanian deadlift.  What a great feeling!  I am still a little bit from my goal but I know that someday I will get there.  25 pounds away but it does seem like it may take forever to get there at times.  Little by little though and I will reach that goal.
  3. I am learning that my body knows what it wants to eat and when.  Making those healthy choices are not always the easiest but I can do really is just a choice.  I have realized what true stomach growling is and for years I don't know that I ever knew what that felt like.  Eating when I am hungry is the key for me.  If I'm not hungry I shouldn't eat yet.  When I do eat I need to make sure that I have a protein with whatever fruit and/or vegetable I am eating.  That is what my plan says to do and I have learned a lot about where I can find protein.  Getting that protein up is important for me.
  4. Today I got to go out with our family and go around a local lake.  It was just over 2 miles and we all went together for some fun family time (well...our family and the geese).  I will be running around this lake and some other parts close by next weekend in a 5k...or at least I will try to run all of it.  There may be some walking but today was a great practice.  During the run I also learned that my middle child is a great runner!  I should have known this because he did earn his 26.2 pin to wear on his necklace from school.  During our run today he stayed with me the entire time.  We need to work on his pace a little bit and also to help him not cut people off as he runs (like his mom) but he did a good job.  I had a lot of fun running with him.  I have never said those words before "I had a lot of fun running with ______".  New step in life right here.  Quinn was also a trooper and ran parts of it but he mostly got to have some bonding time with his dad.  Sid ran with me a little bit but eventually tuckered out after going a mile or so.  She will be running a 1k next weekend also so this was good practice for her too.
What things have you needed to adjust lately?  Are you dwelling on those negative things or figuring out the positive things instead to focus on?

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