Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mud Run or No Mud Run

This summer I had one thing on my list of things to-do:  run in a mud run.

I know that it sounds insane to most.  It actually sounds insane to me.  I don't like getting dirty.  I am still working on my upper body strength and the thought of obstacles needing upper body strength scare me just a bit.  This was a challenge though to see if I can do it.  I wanted to push myself.  

I think that the man upstairs is really just wanting to play with my mind because I have had some serious highs and lows just because of this goal.

Highs...I find a race to do.  Lot's of excitement!  Lot's of adrenaline already pumping.
Lows...I find out that the race is either full or on a date that I already have something really important scheduled.

This didn't just happen once, it happened about 5 times.

I am thinking that I am just not supposed to do a mud race this year.  I am pretty determined to still do a mud run but 5 times in a row!?!  Seriously.  I would still like to do one but I am coming to the conclusion that it won't be this summer.  Next summer.  I really hope.

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