Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The 225 lb Hip Thrust Club

This post is mostly for myself and to help keep me motivated and inspired to keep pushing.

The hip thrust is somewhat of an awkward exercise to do at the gym.  The reason: because no one else is doing this at the gym that I have seen.  I am still doing these on the floor and am a bit scared to even think about not doing these on the floor.  But, I can do 160+ pounds on this...so I am on my way.  It has been awhile since I have done one of these so I will have to load up a bar, find some cushion for my hips and try it again.  CAUTION:  if you do this, put something between the bar and you.  I have bruised my hip bones pretty badly from not using anything other than my sweatshirt.  I learned my lesson.

When I need to be motivated to push harder, lift heavier and try to get to my goal...just check out this article by Bret Contreras.

Men are stronger than women. This is especially true for the upper body. However, when calculating relative strength on lower body lifts, the differences between men and women aren’t as drastic. And when it comes to glutes, I’m not sure if men are stronger.
I’ve noticed that women’s glutes can get VERY strong – stronger than those of most men when you factor in bodyweight. I’ve trained a handful of women who could bust out double-bodyweight hip thrusts for multiple reps. And a strong booty is a healthy booty!
The Sexy 225lb Hip Thrust Club
Want some proof as to the strength of women’s glutes? Here are 9 of my female friends performing sets of 225-pound hip thrusts.
Rachel Guy – 225 x 4
Michelle Drielsma – 225 x 6
Marianne Kane – 225 x 6, 225 x 5
Jen Sinkler – 225 x 6
Karli Stander – 225 x 3, 225 x 3
Jen Comas Keck – 225 x 8, 225 x 6
Molly Galbraith – 225 x 12
Christine Beauchamp – 225 x 11, 225 x 15
Kellie Davis – 225 x 8
When I had my training studio, my female clients’ glutes could work the glutes of most male commercial gym-goers. Here’s a funny story:
Kellie Davis was recently training in her gym and a popular bodybuilder (he’s competed in the Mr. Olympia 6 times) saw her performing barbell glute bridges with 285 lbs. He wasn’t familiar with the exercise so he asked if he could give it a whirl. He got underneath the bar and remained stapled to the floor. His glutes couldn’t budge the weight, even though he weighs twice that of Kellie. His workout partners were cracking up and making fun of him. For the next hour he approached her several times telling her he’d figured out her “secret.” He assumed that she was using some secret technique since her glutes couldn’t possibly be stronger than his, right?
Wrong. Kellie’s “secret” is that she’s been bridging and thrusting heavy for a couple of years now and her glutes are incredibly strong. Apparently this bodybuilder is going to stick with them each week and try to build his strength up, and within six months he’ll undoubtedly be hoisting up 4-500 pounds. The “secret” is hard work and consistency.
If you’re a woman and you want strong glutes and incredible curves, then work your way intoThe Sexy 225lb Hip Thrust Club. Start out with bodyweight. When that gets easy, move up to the bar. Then add a couple of tens so you’re using 65 lbs. Eventually you’ll be using 135 lbs. Don’t get complacent. Move up to 155, then 185, then 205, and finally 225. It takes time, but if you’re consistent you will join Rachel, Michelle, Marianne, Jen, Karli, Jen, Molly, Christine, and Kellie in this exclusive club. Good luck!

Original article at http://bretcontreras.com/2012/04/a-strong-booty-is-a-healthy-booty/

And...I now have a new goal.  225 lbs with one of my favorite exercises!  I was pushing for 200 but I will just aim a little bit higher now.

Oh...and another reason why I love strength training.  Today the FedEx guy came to the door with a package that is almost as big as our couch.  Almost, not quite.  Ok, about 3/4 the length of our couch.  He was outside the front door with it and after I signed he asked if I wanted him to bring in the box because it was pretty heavy.  Um, no thank you.  I can lift it myself.  And I did.  Without a problem.  :)

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