Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fighting Old Habits

My name is Jessica and it has been seven days since my last drink of Diet Pepsi.

It has been 3 days since I have been to the gym.  I have felt horrible every morning and my throat feels like it is burning.  Each time I bend down my nose runs.  Not a very good thing when I have to bend down to pick up barbells.  I think I would be blowing my nose more than actually exercising.  Spring!  Are you listening?  I need you to hurry up, get to Minnesota and make it warm enough so I can open up our windows and let the germs fly out of my house.

I am trying hard to fight this habit of not drinking pop.  Yesterday, if I had pop around, I would have been glad to have a can of Diet Pepsi.  I didn't feel good.  When I was sick in the past I would just go drink some pop.  Water was never an option when I was sick.  Yesterday I didn't even want to eat anything really and I probably could have slept at least part of the day if I would have been able to.  I just wanted some pop.  My mouth was begging for the taste.  It was so weird to have that feeling and I knew it was just because this was a habit of something that I always used to do.

I didn't have any pop.  We even went to a restaurant last night and for the 3rd time I did not order pop.  I ordered water.  (The pop at this restaurant was also extremely expensive...holy cow!  Almost $3.00 for a glass of Diet Coke...they didn't serve Pepsi products.)  This is just so weird to me and is still something very new.  I am learning to adapt to this change.  I can't say that I have embraced the "no pop" at restaurant rule but I am becoming more comfortable with it.  The one time that I did have pop at a restaurant (which was actually last Friday night...7 days ago) I felt gross and my stomach hurt after that meal.  That was my clue that I didn't need it and that my body was doing just fine without that sugary and chemically filled beverage.

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Cori said...

It gets easier. Maybe. I think! Interesting that your stomach hurt after that meal. I was just reading an article about all of the cancer causing chemicals in pop. It helps, sometimes, to read that stuff. You are doing great!