Thursday, March 15, 2012

1-2-3 Teamwork!

It is March in Minnesota and we have 70 degree weather (crazy!), the grass is starting to turn green and there are birds everywhere.  Spring has sprung here in the cold tundra.  We even have flowers that have started to pop up out of the grown that were bulbs we planted last year.  So awesome to see that color when just 2 weeks ago we still had some snow on the ground.

During the cold, winter months I wanted to do something new in the summer.  I really wanted to try sand volleyball but I had not idea how I would find a team to play with.  I never heard anyone talking about this up here and I was just sure that this would be something I wanted to do but not something I really would be doing.  I would probably just end up driving by the sand pits that were around town and watch with envy as people were bumping, setting and spiking.

Last week...actually almost a week ago exactly...I got an e-mail.  Our church was going to have a women's sand volleyball team.  What?!?  People in our church play sand volleyball?  I seriously had no idea.  I was super excited though and immediately sent an e-mail to the person in charge to let them know that I wanted to play.   Hello...someone upstairs must have known that I wanted to play this sport and put all the details together for just me!  ;)  Maybe that is why I have the insanity number of jump squats, normal squats and other killer leg exercises on my to-do list from Jeff too.  It was all prep for jumping high at the net.

I have a few other things that I want to do this summer but at the moment I'm not sure how those things are all going to tie together and work.  I have tried to sign up for a few things already but logistically there are some issues and I can't seem to find people willing to help me out with a few things.  I really had a feeling of defeat just a few days ago when I literally was begging for someone to help me with a race but got no response.  I didn't even need people to run with me...just help me get some of the info since I was not sure if I would make it to the town in time since I had other things already going on that I couldn't get out of.  As I was told by my supportive spouse..."maybe that is just a sign that this is something you aren't supposed to be doing."  I am just going to believe that that statement is true and just move on to the next thing.

I can't be defeated by these little struggles that might come in my way.  I need to keep moving forward, not dwell on what I can't do and just keep trying with something else.  This is the same thing at the gym.  I may not be able to do a certain exercise the first time but if I keep trying I will eventually be able to accomplish what I am working on.  One of those right now is the barbell rollout.  The video will give you an idea of what  the exercise is supposed to look like.  I told a lady at the gym the other day that if I fall on my face she can laugh at me because I will be laughing at myself.  This one is tough.  I can't go all the way down with my arms like the person in the video but I can do this and each time it gets a little bit better.

Plus, it is so nice outside!  There are so many things that I want to do outside now that it is gorgeous weather.  Ride bikes, run...and now, get ready to play volleyball! :)

Oh my has been years since I have put on those booty shorts in high school and played volleyball.  I wonder if I will remember how.  And...thank goodness booty shorts are not a requirement!  Cori Drost...I know you remember those.  They were lovely, weren't they?  :)

1-2-3 Teamwork!

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