Friday, February 3, 2012

Narrow Road Coffee is now serving...

Narrow Road Coffee is working hard at providing great coffee.  

There have been lots of great comments that we have been hearing from those drinking Narrow Road Coffee!  Thank you for those and thanks to those that are purchasing the coffee.  Feel free to post on Facebook or leave a comment here about Narrow Road Coffee and/or the coffee that you tried that you liked.

Narrow Road Coffee also has some news to share...Narrow Road Coffee is now Fair Trade Certified!

Did you know that you can find Narrow Road Coffee at several places in Rochester now?  Here are just a few:
  • Christ Community Church.  Several bags were purchased recently for the kitchen area of CCC and orders for the cafe have been pretty steady.  If you have been drinking coffee lately (real coffee...not the specialty drinks) at CCC there is a pretty good chance that you were probably drinking Narrow Road Coffee.
  • Rochester Produce continues to sell Narrow Road coffee.  The bags are for sale and sitting on their shelves.
  • Lasker Jewelers also serves Narrow Road Coffee.
  • There is some news of an organization in town that will soon be selling Narrow Road Coffee as well.  Details are still being worked on but it is pretty close to being finalized.
  • Coffee can also be ordered each week.  The guys usually roast at least once a week to fulfill the upcoming orders.  Just get your purchase in and they will have fresh coffee for you as well!  Sales information is available at their website and Facebook.
There are a few different kinds of beans that are in the works at the moment and those are:
1. Guatemala Huehuetenango (medium roast)
2. Colombia El Pital Microlot (dark roast)
3. Ethiopia Sidamo Decaf (medium/dark roast)

Want more info about Narrow Road?  Check out the tab at the top of the blog for "Narrow Road Coffee" or just click here.  There are links to their website and Facebook page as well.

Chris and a friend in Rochester, MN started Narrow Road Coffee just over a year ago.  These two guys not only take time out of their work and family schedules to roast coffee and get it sold but also give away 25% of the proceeds to missionaries.

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