Friday, February 3, 2012

Free song & great workout song...or just great song in general

My favorite song of the week!

There are certain songs that get me to move a little bit faster.  Sometimes I need that push to keep going, to get that elliptical as fast as I can or even just to wake up at 5am.

You can find me almost every morning sitting on the mats at the gym at about 5:15am getting my ear buds in the right spot and my music ready.  I could probably still lay down and fall asleep at that point but you stick a certain song on and it helps keep you moving and somehow fuels you to pick up your feet and move over to get your stretches done.

Some songs give me that great pick-up and other songs help me get my heart rate back to a normal level.  I did find a good one of those recently..."Now You're Found" by Esterlyn.  You can get that song free right now at  It is free until February 12th, 2012...and then another one will be available.  This website has a free song every couple of weeks and a lot of these are current songs that are in the charts for Christian music.  I get a lot of music from this site and I listen to them quite a bit.  (the day care kids actually know the station and cheer when they hear the station say "".  I get through our lunch time by listening to this station.)

My favorite song this week is more of that fast paced type of, it is just a great song.  Listen to it and watch the video!  The song is by Newsboys (history lesson...Chris and I saw them in concert a very long time ago when they had the original lead singer.  I saw the current lead singer when he was part of the band DC Talk).  



Christopher Williams said...

That's a pretty good song. It actually has 2 of the former members of DC Talk in it, Michael Tait, who is the new Newsboys frontman and I heard Kevin Max singing backup in there as well.

Jessica said...

You are full of great information :)